Trade Script

bro no one can guess that we r not wizzards :smiley: , so i just advice you to answer the question to get help :slight_smile:
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i have a question can any one script for me that he trade from jangan to downhang 5star and when he sold it at dw he disconect and trade back to jangan sell the stars and buy new one and go back to downhang dc and do the same stuff everytime again im new at phbot i dont understand how it works with trades :slight_smile:

i was thinking about making a tut for making trade scrips mabe i start tomorrow if i do it i will link it in here


i tryed now to make one everytime the script works but he dont buy anything and he dont disconnect and he dont sell stuff :S

show me ur script


took me 4H :smiley:

Hello, i think you are professional in this i need your help in the trade auto answer :smiley:

Hello can you help with trade script please am new for phbot

just do exactly the same as in the video and read the discribtion under the video

every thing is working with me only the conditions i cant make it dont know why

you only have conditions @testing realese of ph bot make sure you dont forget to add return to town in it check the forum pic that i post there

how to fixed my bot cant spawn transpot server retro sro Pserver

You probably can’t if they changed it to block bots.

1 more error cant buy/sell goods retro sro how to fixed?


Is there a possibility to use/adress GUI elements for buy/sell trade goods, if server has blocked buying by bot?

do u have a script hotan~jg ,DemonRoad server ,but ofc i want to kill npc thieves ,sry if im little bit stupid ,first time for me with phbot

yeah i can help u with that

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@Slaintrax how?