[Plugin] xPacketTool

This tool is for advanced users, you can use this plugin to analize and inject packets to server/client through phBot.

Features :

  • Show packets from Server and Client separately
  • Filter to [Show Only] or [Don't Show] packets, this list it’s saved for next time
  • Inject packet from the plugin interface in real time (You can be disconnected if you do something wrong)

Please, let me to know if something doesn’t work as expected.

xPacketTool v0.0.1

The most recent version will be allocated here

from phBot import *
from threading import Timer
import QtBind
import struct
import json
import os

# Avoid issues
inGame = False

# Initializing GUI
gui = QtBind.init(__name__,'xPackeTool')
lblInject = QtBind.createLabel(gui,'Inject Packets to Client/Server through bot, or just to parse what you need.',21,15)

cbxSro = QtBind.createCheckBox(gui, 'cbxSro_clicked','Show Client packets [C->B]',395,13)
cbxSro_checked = False
cbxJmx = QtBind.createCheckBox(gui, 'cbxJmx_clicked','Show Server packets [S->B]',560,13)
cbxJmx_checked = False

lblUsing = QtBind.createLabel(gui,'Opcode:\t              Data:',41,47)
txtOpcode = QtBind.createLineEdit(gui,"",85,45,40,20)
txtData = QtBind.createLineEdit(gui,"",163,45,450,20)
cbxEncrypted = QtBind.createCheckBox(gui, 'cbxEnc_clicked','Encrypted',620,47)
btnInjectPacket = QtBind.createButton(gui,'btnInjectPacket_clicked',"  Inject Packet  ",348,65)

cbxDontShow = QtBind.createCheckBox(gui, 'cbxDontShow_clicked',"Don't show",25,90)
cbxOnlyShow = QtBind.createCheckBox(gui, 'cbxOnlyShow_clicked',"Only Show",120,90)
QtBind.setChecked(gui,cbxDontShow,True) # using two checkbox like radiobutton
cbxDontShow_checked = True
lblOpcodes = QtBind.createLabel(gui,"The following list of opcodes ( Filter )",21,110)
tbxOpcodes = QtBind.createLineEdit(gui,"",21,129,100,20)
lstOpcodes = QtBind.createList(gui,21,151,176,109)
btnAddOpcode = QtBind.createButton(gui,'btnAddOpcode_clicked',"      Add      ",123,129)
btnRemOpcode = QtBind.createButton(gui,'btnRemOpcode_clicked',"     Remove     ",70,259)

log('Plugin: xPacketTool v0.0.1 plugin succesfully loaded.')

# Checkbox "Show Client Packets" checked
def cbxSro_clicked(checked):
	global cbxSro_checked
	cbxSro_checked = checked

# Checkbox "Show Server Packets" checked
def cbxJmx_clicked(checked):
	global cbxJmx_checked
	cbxJmx_checked = checked

# Inject packet on button clicked
def btnInjectPacket_clicked():
	if inGame:
		strOpcode = QtBind.text(gui,txtOpcode)
		strData = QtBind.text(gui,txtData)
		# Opcode or Data is not empty
		if strOpcode and strData:
			Packet = bytearray()
			opcode = int(strOpcode,16)
			data = strData.split()
			i = 0
			while i < len(data):
				i += 1
			encrypted = QtBind.isChecked(gui,cbxEncrypted)
			log("Plugin: Injecting packet (xPacketTool)")

# Return plugin configs path (JSON)
def getConfig():
	return get_config_dir()+"xPacketTool.json"

# Checkbox "Don't show" checked
def cbxDontShow_clicked(checked):
	QtBind.setChecked(gui,cbxOnlyShow,not checked)
# Checkbox "Only Show" checked
def cbxOnlyShow_clicked(checked):
	cbxDontShow_editConfig(not checked)
	QtBind.setChecked(gui,cbxDontShow,not checked)

# Edit Key "DontShow" into the config file
def	cbxDontShow_editConfig(checked):
	global cbxDontShow_checked
	cbxDontShow_checked = checked
	# init empty dictionary
	data = {}
	# load configs if exists
	if os.path.exists(getConfig()):
		with open(getConfig(),"r") as f:
			data = json.load(f)
	# Add or edit key for "DontShow" checkbox
	data["DontShow"] = checked
	# Replace configs
	with open(getConfig(),"w") as f:
		# Pretty-printing json :D
		f.write(json.dumps(data, indent=4, sort_keys=True))

# Load default configs
def loadDefaultConfig():
	# Clear data

# Load the list of opcodes with the config file
def loadConfigs():
	if os.path.exists(getConfig()):
		data = {}
		with open(getConfig(),"r") as f:
			data = json.load(f)
		# load the opcodes list
		if "Opcodes" in data:
			for opcode in data["Opcodes"]:
		# config radiobutton if is saved
		if "DontShow" in data:
			global cbxDontShow_checked
			cbxDontShow_checked = data["DontShow"]
			QtBind.setChecked(gui,cbxOnlyShow,not data["DontShow"])
# Return True if the opcode exists in the list
def lstOpcodes_exists(opcode):
	# parse to string for compare with all
	strOpcode = '0x{:02X}'.format(opcode)
	opcodes = QtBind.getItems(gui,lstOpcodes)
	for i in range(len(opcodes)):
		if opcodes[i] == strOpcode:
			return True
	return False
# Button "Add" clicked
def btnAddOpcode_clicked():
	if inGame:
		# parse to HEX or fail trying
		opcode = int(QtBind.text(gui,tbxOpcodes),16)
		if opcode and not lstOpcodes_exists(opcode):
			data = {}
			if os.path.exists(getConfig()):
				with open(getConfig(),"r") as f:
					data = json.load(f)
			# Add or Create opcode into the list
			if "Opcodes" in data:
				data["Opcodes"] = ['0x{:02X}'.format(opcode)]
			with open(getConfig(),"w") as f:
				f.write(json.dumps(data, indent=4, sort_keys=True))
			# saved successfully
			QtBind.setText(gui, tbxOpcodes,"")
			log("Plugin: Added opcode [0x"+'{:02X}'.format(opcode)+"]")

# Button "Remove" clicked
def btnRemOpcode_clicked():
	if inGame:
		selectedItem = QtBind.text(gui,lstOpcodes)
		if selectedItem:
			if os.path.exists(getConfig()):
				data = {}
				with open(getConfig(), 'r') as f:
					data = json.load(f)
				# try remove opcode from file loaded
					# Replace configs if selectedItem exists at least
					with open(getConfig(),"w") as f:
						f.write(json.dumps(data, indent=4, sort_keys=True))
					pass # just ignore file if don't exist
			log("Plugin: Removed opcode ["+selectedItem+"]")

# return True if can log/show the packet
def show_packet(opcode):
	if lstOpcodes_exists(opcode):
		if not cbxDontShow_checked:
			return True
	elif cbxDontShow_checked:
		return True
	return False

# Called when the bot successfully connects to the game server
def connected():
	global inGame
	inGame = False

# Called when the character enters the game world
def joined_game():
	global inGame
	inGame = True

# All packets received from Silkroad will be passed to this function
# Returning True will keep the packet and False will not forward it to the game server
def handle_silkroad(opcode, data):
	if cbxSro_checked:
		if show_packet(opcode):
			log("Client: (Opcode) 0x" + '{:02X}'.format(opcode) + " (Data) "+ ("None" if not data else ' '.join('{:02X}'.format(x) for x in data)))
	return True

# All packets received from Silkroad will be passed to this function
# Returning True will keep the packet and False will not forward it to the game server
def handle_joymax(opcode, data):
	if cbxJmx_checked:
		if show_packet(opcode):
			log("Server: (Opcode) 0x" + '{:02X}'.format(opcode) + " (Data) "+ ("None" if not data else ' '.join('{:02X}'.format(x) for x in data)))
	return True
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example when we use right click reverse we can learn opcode item and packet injection?

I’m not sure what are you saying, but yeah. You can learn all opcodes and data sent by your client when you do some action and all data received from the server after that.

Of course, every packet have his own structure, at most cases you will see only ID’s from objects.

How do I use this extension? Can you tell by example?

Lastest version here.

hey guys I have a question …

When I am logging in a new account, the manager does not enter the second password, I need to manually enter the bot.

Is it possible to take the package from this and make a plugin? To make automatic


Making an automatic passcode setup if there is none,… Yes, you can make a plugin for that.

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Can you help me with it?

@JellyBitz do you know if you can send a packet to dc other ppl ?
i won´t do anything on servers but i saw a “bug” i can´t understand that some ppl get dced and some not it seems like it isn´t random because it is always the same ^^
if you have time start a conservertion with me i must report it if it is a bug…

Hello, can we find out which points on the map drop xpackettool faster monster? If yes, can you give a short example?