[TUT] how to do auto trade ( with auto rewards,relog )

i made a video tutorial to help some ppl setting up a full afk trader that actually works ^^ (tested over 3 month without problems)

phBot installer : https://phbot.org/
and select
( testing release phBot )
( Manager )
( Plugins )
*(if you are new i recommend using testing realese and all checkboxes)

optional (autoreward):
[Plugin] xPacketTool
[Plugin] xControl
just download them from his github site
1.make a new .txt file inside the plugin folder
2. paste the code in there and save it
3.rename the file xxxxx.py (extension)
4.restart the bot

1.Auto configure:
add new profile called "Trader



Special Return Scroll(20)
Abnormal state recovery potion(medium)(300)
Recovery kit (x-large)(1000)

script : trade dw-ht-dw1star.txt (8.0 KB)
use Range 10 and PickRange 10
thats important for the relog process

(Stable version dont have it ! )
( first is optional relog every 24 H )
dont forget the “return to town” like i am in the vid :smiley:

6.manager settings:

now you just have to get some tradepets if necessary
make Donwhang your hometown and wait 10min
the bot will use a return scroll and will start automaticly
have fun trading :slight_smile:


everything works good and the script is perfect but my problem is in the chat command i follow your steps but he says in the bot command not found any solution for this ? :frowning:

yes i think xControl is required to for actualy sending the command … i will add it to the tut thx

the private server im playing in , gives me a message " you can not buy or sell goods with phbot"

is there anyway to go around that?


I added the script and it’s said

[21:41:30] Script: You loaded the wrong script for this town, stopping bot

do you know why?

Also, it doesn’t spawn the transport and purchase goods, but it did start bot automatically after the time I set (which is 5 mins). Do you know why?

teleport 1x if you bought silk pets you have to teleport so the bot can see them

“wrong script” well it start behind the trader store you can start it 1 time manualy from there after that if it dies it should walk there automaticly

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I did teleport a few time and it still did not recognize that I have transport silk pet. This is strange. Let me try with an NPC one to see if it will work.

Also, Is it okay if I send you a Pm with some questions regarding the Xacademy?

i didnt use xacademy

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Good to know. So I am playing vsro and just tested a few things.

  1. Purchased NPC trade transport pet and teleported => startbot behind the trade NPC => it did not spawn job transport, it also did not did the town loop according to the script (Skip town has been selected in the settings and conditions was set to be waiting for 5 mins instead of 10 mins to startbot).

  2. it did not purchase goods.

  3. it’s only run out of town follow the coordinate and skipped everything else assigned in the script.

Do you happen to know why?

hello bro i have Scrpit trader work . but hunter trace trader when they go TP tarder go and hunter not make TP . how i can make hunter make trace and TP at same time

I wrote alittle something for this, its kinda ugly for now but I plan to add more things if the concept works so feel free to give it a try.

TradeProtector.py (5.0 KB)

Its easy enough to use, record your trade script as you normally would. After your finsihed open the script in notepad and add the word trade as shown below. The script goes on your trader only, any protector char should be just using bot trace.


teleport,Boat Ticket Seller Salmai,Boat Ticket Seller Rahan


tradeteleport,Boat Ticket Seller Salmai,Boat Ticket Seller Rahan

Please read the notes on the plugin for the other settings.

The distance detector might not work perfectly in some situations but give it a try.

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I DONT used plugin

Then its impossible. Use the plugin.

Hello, I get a trouble, the tradepet of my SRO server has 700k HP, so the HP percentage of it is 330%, and the bot only uses pet recovery kit when HP < 100%, may you help me find a solution to this, I tried to find a plugin that help using item but nothing :frowning: .

At certain parts of the script, if run too long, the bot tries to go back a coordinate and instead of going back just 1 coordinate it just completely turns around and goes back to the previous town for some odd reason. But other than that works perfect man :slight_smile:

Could you possibly make one from Jangan to Bandit Den and back to Jangan? This would help out so much ! <3 Or maybe Donwhang to Jangan and Jangan back to Donwhang :cold_face: :partying_face: :sunglasses:

The distance for the party to stop and wait for the other to arrive is not working.
Even checking the “pause” option or setting the distance value.

It works, this setting is for your trader. It will stop the trader and wait for the tracing char to catchup.

Can I buy automatic caravan goods with the command?
I’m glad if you’re interested :slight_smile: