[TUT] how to do auto trade ( with auto rewards,relog )

i made a video tutorial to help some ppl setting up a full afk trader that actually works ^^ (tested over 3 month without problems)

phBot installer : https://phbot.org/
and select
( testing release phBot )
( Manager )
( Plugins )
*(if you are new i recommend using testing realese and all checkboxes)

optional (autoreward):
[Plugin] xPacketTool
[Plugin] xControl
just download them from his github site
1.make a new .txt file inside the plugin folder
2. paste the code in there and save it
3.rename the file xxxxx.py (extension)
4.restart the bot

1.Auto configure:
add new profile called "Trader



Special Return Scroll(20)
Abnormal state recovery potion(medium)(300)
Recovery kit (x-large)(1000)

script : trade dw-ht-dw1star.txt (8.0 KB)
use Range 10 and PickRange 10
thats important for the relog process

(Stable version dont have it ! )
( first is optional relog every 24 H )
dont forget the “return to town” like i am in the vid :smiley:

6.manager settings:

now you just have to get some tradepets if necessary
make Donwhang your hometown and wait 10min
the bot will use a return scroll and will start automaticly
have fun trading :slight_smile:


everything works good and the script is perfect but my problem is in the chat command i follow your steps but he says in the bot command not found any solution for this ? :frowning:

yes i think xControl is required to for actualy sending the command … i will add it to the tut thx

the private server im playing in , gives me a message " you can not buy or sell goods with phbot"

is there anyway to go around that?