Trade Script

if possible can someone share his script from (( cons to alex )) and going back ( infinite ) ?
i couldn’t make one dunno why its not working with me :S

and should i make any change at town script ?

server dude ?

lol any script will work doesn’t matter the server :smiley:

He ask about server to know the trade system u need the script for , cuz sro have different trade systems
U would be helpful for ur self if u just answer his question

script will work its not depend on the server

well, auto trade is not allowed in my server that why i didnt mention,
it using the old system :slight_smile:

@Mo7ammadQ8 (SW=script creator window) go to ur startpoint next to trader nbc go on bot > “Training area” > “Create” > “record” now klick ingame next to trader nbc SW set
oldtrade,buy,1 for 1 star ,2 for 2 star …
walk to stable and klick DoStable in SW ( make sure u set ur right amont to buy in the town tab in bot )
now walk to other town trade nbc
oldtrade,sell in SW
oldtrade,buy,1 and walk back to the first trade nbc and stop/save the script now just set in bot at “training area” >“settings” mark “skip townscript” then it schold work

edit : u can only start bot from this first script point( first trade nbc ) if u get dc in other town the bot will stop)

i know how to create one but too lazy :smiley:
that why i am asking if someone already have a script for cons-alex

i will make one …

TRADE const-alex loop 1star start=const trade nbc.txt (5.3 KB) hire it will buy 1* and also will sell it in the next town and buy again just set it to skip town script make sure u set the bot to buy xl pet rec and abnormal it will also only buy in const

but for that you have to reply on my condition post a few days ago with the alchemy :stuck_out_tongue:

bro no one can guess that we r not wizzards :smiley: , so i just advice you to answer the question to get help :slight_smile:
have a nice day