Trade Script

if possible can someone share his script from (( cons to alex )) and going back ( infinite ) ?
i couldn’t make one dunno why its not working with me :S

and should i make any change at town script ?

server dude ?

lol any script will work doesn’t matter the server :smiley:

He ask about server to know the trade system u need the script for , cuz sro have different trade systems
U would be helpful for ur self if u just answer his question

well, auto trade is not allowed in my server that why i didnt mention,
it using the old system :slight_smile:

@Mo7ammadQ8 (SW=script creator window) go to ur startpoint next to trader nbc go on bot > “Training area” > “Create” > “record” now klick ingame next to trader nbc SW set
oldtrade,buy,1 for 1 star ,2 for 2 star …
walk to stable and klick DoStable in SW ( make sure u set ur right amont to buy in the town tab in bot )
now walk to other town trade nbc
oldtrade,sell in SW
oldtrade,buy,1 and walk back to the first trade nbc and stop/save the script now just set in bot at “training area” >“settings” mark “skip townscript” then it schold work

edit : u can only start bot from this first script point( first trade nbc ) if u get dc in other town the bot will stop)

i know how to create one but too lazy :smiley:
that why i am asking if someone already have a script for cons-alex

i will make one …

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TRADE const-alex loop 1star start=const trade nbc.txt (5.3 KB) hire it will buy 1* and also will sell it in the next town and buy again just set it to skip town script make sure u set the bot to buy xl pet rec and abnormal it will also only buy in const

but for that you have to reply on my condition post a few days ago with the alchemy :stuck_out_tongue:

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bro no one can guess that we r not wizzards :smiley: , so i just advice you to answer the question to get help :slight_smile:
have a nice day

i have a question can any one script for me that he trade from jangan to downhang 5star and when he sold it at dw he disconect and trade back to jangan sell the stars and buy new one and go back to downhang dc and do the same stuff everytime again im new at phbot i dont understand how it works with trades :slight_smile:

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i was thinking about making a tut for making trade scrips mabe i start tomorrow if i do it i will link it in here


i tryed now to make one everytime the script works but he dont buy anything and he dont disconnect and he dont sell stuff :S

show me ur script


took me 4H :smiley:

Hello, i think you are professional in this i need your help in the trade auto answer :smiley:

Hello can you help with trade script please am new for phbot

just do exactly the same as in the video and read the discribtion under the video

every thing is working with me only the conditions i cant make it dont know why