[Plugin] xArena

All Battle Arena types has been added.

How to?

Add as script command arena,type1,type2 near to Arena Manager NPC.

  • Type #1 : Random, Party, Guild, Job or CTF
  • Type #2 : Score or Flag

It will restart the bot when the event is finished.

Script examples:


Just another plugin that waste my time, that’s one reason I just share it.
I could add anti AFK but it’s like keep wasting my time in something I’m not interested :wink:


I am so glad I did not need to write one.

Please i understand nothing :frowning:
How can i add this to my bot ? I need to make auto reg arena

all you need here ==> Phbot Plugins How to use the script help

How can i make the bot start again after lose or win ? Cuz it says bot stopped because you are too far from starting point

[21:54:39] Plugin: xArena v0.0.2 succesfully loaded but i cant see anythign inside plugins
tried to load it but not working

[22:05:49] Script: You loaded the wrong script for this town, stopping bot

[22:05:49] Bot stopped. Botting time [1 minute]

ps renamed that text file into arena nothing works any tips ? @JellyBitz

It’s because phBot scripting on town works different… Try to find a better town for register.
I can add a workaround but later… :sleepy:

What are you expecting at plugins tab? If you read carefully, you’ll figure out that this plugin is only adding B.A. scripting support.

Read cerefully i read perfectly
[21:54:39] Plugin: xArena v0.0.2 succesfully loaded
ofc i expect to find something in plugin tab when this msg appear duh?

Btw what do u mean find better town are u saying its not working like in some towns then?

Again… What do you expect to find there? instructions about how to use it like xControl? this message about “sucessfully loaded” is not enough for you? :thinking:

Starting phBot in town zones far away from spawn point can be awkful, and will show that kind message “you are not in town bla bla bla…” … but he is not showing where is adding this script command so maybe is doing it in a wrong way.

I need Script Reg Arena in Constantinople

so which towns working properly? @JellyBitz

Hello can anyone help , explain me what wrong with my scribt why dosnt work ?

→ my scribt *

walk,3550,2074,-106 ( point next to Dw NPC)
arena,random,score ( your plguin comand )

but phbot call me " Plugin: Wrong Battle Arena type. Please be sure to select one: Random, Party, Guild, Job or CTF "

Obviously you has something wrong at your script.
Lastest version 0.0.2 (?

yeah all fine ,

my scribt are right , but test it outside of arena time , ofc he cant regist for arena*

just test to own test sro sever and its already work well.

thx for your plugin .p

That has nothing to do with the message.
But I mean, the code seems fine, was definitively script issues, you can test it yourself here.
Happy that you like it!

Added real CTF stuff as “capturetheflag” command, just like that. Also changed some battle types but is basically the same, I hope it works.

# Register to the specified types "arena,type1,type2"
# Type 1; Random, Party, Guild or Job
# Type 2; Random, Score or Flag .. Or leave it empty if you are having issues (need test)

Anti AFK system included.

Everything loaded with successfully

[13:43:52] Plugin: xArena v0.1.0 succesfully loaded
[13:43:52] Plugin: xAutoConfig v0.2.5 successfully loaded
[13:43:54] Plugin: xAutoDungeon v0.4.1 succesfully loaded
[13:43:55] Plugin: xChat v0.3.2 successfully loaded
[13:43:55] Plugin: xControl v0.3.10 successfully loaded
[13:43:55] Plugin: xPackeTool v0.1.2 succesfully loaded
[13:43:55] Plugin: xPluginUpdater v0.1.2 succesfully loaded
[13:43:58] Data load status: 100%

My script:

When goes near to arena npc, charecter lost and bot relog.

[14:52:44] Stable: Exiting NPC
[14:52:45] Script: Walking to 3574, 2087
[14:52:47] Script: Walking to 3550, 2083
[14:52:49] Script: Walking to 3549, 2066
[14:52:53] Script: Setting training area 3550, 2074
[14:52:53] Script: Walking to 3550, 2074
[14:52:54] Bot stopped. Botting time [1 minute]
[14:52:54] Auto Relog: Starting relog process
[14:52:57] Connecting to the gateway server

am I doing something wrong? or does not work on new bot versions?

Should work, your server seems different.

How do I get previous versions