Phbot Plugins How to use the script help

Dear Admin

I have a little problem
How would you start this script?
Where in the phbot folder will I take?
can you give me a ready .py file?
I’ve been talking about this for 2 weeks.
Please help me to extend my phbot membership.

Use the installer to do it then copy your plug-in into the Plugins folder.

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Can you give me the download link by adding these codes to the .py file because I don’t detect this when I open a file with a .py file extension.

You have to create a text file with a .py extension that contains the plugin code that you found on this site.


py file, but what is the next process?
Waiting for your other instructions

I did these operations but
Gets an invalid contraction area error when I do phbot start
you need a solution

arena register hours on the server I played Battle Arena Random

maybe the error in the code I use

you use this one ?

arena plugin

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Can you send me a download link in .py file?
I will send you this file

because it does not work when I do

I’ve been dealing with them for 2 weeks, I really can’t

notepad but I do not work with copy and paste

I could not do with the condition at all

I’m looking for help for weeks, please help

money is not a problem

If > In town , If > Python , If > Player in training area or If > Tıme ?

i see them Return to town just need [ IF ] choose

search time

which one I choose

   <         ==       >=       <=           !=

choose == in operator select

does not work when I start the bot

what is the other process I need to do, sir

add wait ms 600000 in condition after return town