[Plugin] xAcademy

Auto [ Select / Create / Delete ] characters to be used on academy easily!

Will be working essencially with the next conditions :

  • Exists character below level 40? : Select it !
  • No exists character below level 40? : Create it !
  • Exists character between level 40 and 50? : Delete it !

Added a few options too :

# Ex.: CUSTOM_NAME = "Jelly"
# will try to create "Jelly100","Jelly101","Jelly102"
CUSTOM_NAME = "" # Will be random if you leave it empty
CUSTOM_RACE = "EU" # Will be random if you leave it empty

Use it with xAutoConfig for auto loading your academy settings!

Direct download : [Save as Link] :ballot_box_with_check:
Lastest version on GitHub
Try xPluginUpdater to keep the track of my updates! :male_detective:


Python Error: Can’t convert ‘NoneType’ object to str implicitly

Still getting same error. can u tell me how its work? what i need for create char?

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Python Error: index out of range

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Python Error: name ‘pack’ is not defined.

Can anyone help me with this?

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Thanks, Jelly! <3 Now it’s working!


How u did it? Can u send ur .py file?

well after trying 5000 time stil geting out of range error
and cuz of trafik it’s hard
thx for you’r job

v0.0.8 working with vsro 1.188, tested by me right now.

If this doesn’t work for you, then give me an example from your 0xB007 packet, and maybe I can do something for you…

i try too use it on isro and i dont use paket plugin right now so i can’t give too you any 0x B007 and idk wher or how i can get the right packet :slight_smile:

Get it using [Plugin] xPacketTool … It has a filter! enough for this task.

i will try it what you need ?
i mean 0xB007 in add case like this ?
where i can see the result ?

selam kardsm senden bi yardım isteyebilirmiyim ya

Pm at

Of course, you will see the whole packet at your phbot log when entering to character selection (0xB007)…

@mikail123 @recepcnbsk if this doesn’t work for you, just give me an example as I said above

how its work isro phyton error: index out of range

I’m going to restrict this parsing for vsro anyways since no one is even reading… :roll_eyes:

Fixed for iSRO. Not entirely sure because needs more test, v0.1.4 actually! :male_detective:

Characters created by this plugin doesn’t receive config from xAutoConfig. Any idea why?

the bot doesn’t recognise the character once its logged in. character name is null. do you think it has something to do with the manager?

I can’t see that possibility into the plugin and I can’t do nothing about the manager.

Academy characters should be handled without manager, just using relog from bot.