[Plugin] JellyDix

phBot notifications now on Discord! Easily available to everyone! :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

JellyDix is a discord bot created to calm down our curiosity about checking our characters just to find out something interesting in our daily routine as Silkroad player.

Requirements :

  • Own a Discord account
  • Create a Discord server or just having enough authorization anywhere there to invite a discord bot

Quick installation :

  1. Download JellyDix (Save as Link) and save it into the plugins folder.
  2. Invite to JellyDix to your discord server.
  3. Go to your discord server and select a text channel.
  4. Copy the ID from the channel. Example :

Channel ID = 647187549776904202

  1. Run a new phBot.exe and get joined to the game (config saved by character)
  2. Go to Plugins tab > JellyDix and set your Channel ID in Discord Channel.
  3. Select what you wanna see as notification on your discord channel, it’s done!

Important! :

If you have problems loading it you will need to install vcredist 2010.

Do not share your Channel ID if you don’t want to be disturbed by any other plugin user.

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OMG Worked Perfeeeeeeeeeeectlllllyyyyyyy WHAT AN Amazing Plugiiin o.O

I would Like to Suggest if possible, to add:

Notification When Player Pmed in private for a char
Notification When char Disconnect
Notification When Alchemy Finished

and it will be amazing if a time can be written before the name like this [07:52:04]

And Again Thaaaaaaaaank Yooou For the Amaaaaaaaazing Plugins

Supported <3

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  1. Yes
  2. Maybe (ping not detected in 15s then can be considered disconnected), needs work
  3. No, since it’s not a silkroad event

Discord messages has time, I understand there is a delay but it’s a few seconds (maybe a bug on “sync to async” python stuffs). I’ll probably add the time as config option.

Great Thank You <3

Very handy :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: :partying_face: I also have a few suggestions:

  1. More customizable unique selections. With input to checkbox or textbox (only: “Kidemonas”)

  2. Titan seen or spawn

  3. Specific item names. (Gained: “Lucky magic powder”)

Much deeper: :smiling_imp:

Chat party. To manage xControl :boom: I don’t know maybe it’s impossible.

Bless your hands. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: :blush:

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  1. Could be added.
  2. It logs all unique spawns actually! Do you mean log Notice chat?
  3. I’m pretty sure it only notify equipable items. So you mean log everything? because that is something very specific.

Feel free to edit the plugin to your specific necessities. It’s actually easy to do.

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it s impressive :smiley: time to try to edit it for my own

Not “notice chat”. As phBot can choose, I want him to let me know when he sees Titan.

I want only the information of the items that I set, not all item information. For example, only Lucky magic powder. I can customize it for myself but I don’t know if it’s possible to solve it with opcode.

I’il see what I can accomplish when I have time. I’il try to share. :innocent:

1- When “Unique spawn” is checked, unique killed also reports.
2- “Item rare drop” works but what exactly does the “Item drop” option cover? Because I couldn’t.

The system works fine. Is it possible to do just one question?
The Ryuk character you see in the picture belongs to me.
Can the direct global sender send their name and what they write?

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you can edit def handle_chat @NsyL it will send just player name and the messages.

def handle_chat(t,player,msg):
# Check message type
if t == 2 and QtBind.isChecked(gui,cbxEvtMessage_private):
SendNotification(player+": “+msg)
elif t == 6 and QtBind.isChecked(gui,cbxEvtMessage_global):
SendNotification(player+”: “+msg)
elif t == 9 and QtBind.isChecked(gui,cbxEvtMessage_stall):
SendNotification(player+”: "+msg)

Can you share your arrangements with us? :blush:

Not work. The plugin does not load successfully.

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Discord has timestamps btw.


@JellyBitz wow for me as a supporter on a p server its sounds realy helpfull i will test it <3

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Latest version. It was exactly what I wanted. Thank you. Coffee for you.
@JellyBitz :coffee:

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plugin aint loading for me reinstaled bot but still nothing anyone could help a bit?

i am wondering if possible when the char dies … sending the map with the location of the char dead

absolutely i will :smiley:
i edited it a bit :smiley:
like guild chat adding and deleted the player name from notifications (which sends notifications) for using an agent charecter in other guilds xD

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Well I don’t know what’s up the plugin working for a friend but for ain’t loading for me no matter what the plugin is fine I guess but something not right i reinstalled bot started from scratch still nothing…