Holy Water Temple (HWT) scripts + settings [DOWNLOAD]

hey folks since i joined the ProjectHax community i saw 1 question very often :

…bro you have hwt script…
…share hwt…
or even just :…give hwt…

i even get dm on my discord about it so since nobody wants to post the HWT scripts i will do it with a step by step tut

1.make sure you have the lastest xAutoDungeon.py installed (plugin instalation)

1.1if you are new and you dont know how to get it :
[Plugin] xAutoDungeon
the newest version at the moment is 1.4.3 newest version : https://raw.githubusercontent.com/JellyBitz/phBot-xPlugins/master/xAutoDungeon.py

1.2 just copy everything from that github site
(select all = ctrl+a) (copy = ctrl+c)
go to your phBot folder and go to the “Plugin” folder and create a new “xAutoDungeon.txt” file
now you open the xAutoDungeon.txt and paste everything in that file
(paste = ctrl+v)
now just save and close the file and rename it from xAutoDungeon.txt to xAutoDungeon.py
if you cant see .txt or .py endings you have to enable windows file extansion
(pls use google for it )
if you dont have the “Plugin” folder you have to use the phbot installer
and select “plugin” in the instalation process
(all your files are save you dont have to reconfigure settings after it)

1.3 restart phBot and it should tell you : Plugin: xAutoDungeon v1.4.3 succesfully loaded
if you dont get this massage you did something wrong pls repeat step 1.2

2. settings for xAutoDungeon

go to (Bot) Plugins > xAutoDungeon there you see a list on the left side
you have to enter all mobnames and the mobnames + a space behind it
(joymax fucked it up thats why)
this list will function as ignore list (this mobs will not be counted)
pls dont use the checkboxes ( its a bit buggy again sro fault :slight_smile: )

the more easy way is to download this file :
and paste it to your folder: phBot > Config > xAutoDungeon
and rename it to your loginserver_charname.json (for every char you want to use in hwt/fgw)

2.1now go to your (Bot) Plugins > Plugins and click “Reload”
after that you can check if everything is correct at
(Bot) Plugins > xAutoDungeon it should show now the mobs
if it dont show the mobs pls try step 2 again


just set them in the (Bot) Training Area > Script > rightclick > new >“name as you want”
rightclick the new area > set script > choose the “script” > rightclick again > enable > and start

HWT_beginner_start_jg.txt (9.0 KB)
HWT_intermediate_start_jg.txt (8.4 KB)
HWT_advanced_start_jg .txt (9.0 KB)

HINT the scripts start in JG and will leave the pt at the beginning and right at the end of the script (if you have xPackettool plugin)
you can also start the script right at the front of the hwt on some connors i have added some delay so tracing chars dont get stuck
( just as general info i recomment not using trace all should use the same script )

if your bot attacks this mobs you can set then to ignore in the bot itself
Protection > Monster Preferences > rightclick > add > Monster > search for the name > select it and set it to ignore pls do this for all mobs in the list
you should have disable " Attack lower mobs first " and set “uniques to prefer”


have you ever experience pt leader dc as soon get into temple first run?

i think thats a server sided problem or any kind of client bug try to teleport there and stop it and try 1 add 1 buff at a time and report it to retro sro gm

i think the problem is fixed, but still need more testing. so basically it’s bad .json file , will see after more test. i deleted the file then made settings again (exact same thing)

do you have the same problem with other chars ?

yes= set the bot+client to ignore in firewall/ windows defender /antivir
no= tell savi(gm) about it it must be a bug with that kind of char build
(he had problems like this in the past)

try to teleport there without bot and see if this problem still exist

yes=its def a client/server/network problem
no=something is blocking phbot

but in any case you should pm the GM about it maybe he alreddy know something about it

does it heappends the starting the bot ? or also if you just teleport there with a stopped bot )
do you have any condition set in your bot ?
would ou upload the config file pls and what build you use?

my antivirus is off.
im using wiz. it’s only happen to the wiz because i copied and changed name of the .json file
so just a bunch of corrupted .json. (i’ve never editted the text inside)
i already deleted the bad .json files. if it happened again , i’ll send it to you.
if i teleported myself then start bot, same thing but sometime it doesn’t dc. but if started outside then 100% dc.

I have the complement saved as .py but it does not open me to paste the codes as I do

open notepad, paste the xdungeon code, change file type to all , enter the name then save.

question all time is teleported in king valley wait 5000 and dont move after this.

is 5000 miliseconde ?

Yes 5000 milliseconds are applied to your scripts automatically when using script creator before and after teleporting.

i remove this for put another value ?

Dont remove it

you can increase if your pc is slow but should not decrease it.

The 5000ms are there by default its the to ba able to buff the first 5 sec after spawning you can’t buff its fine to remove them as long you don’t have to buff for example if you are trader but its save to remove the wait bevor the teleport er just make sure you are close enoth I do this all the time without any errors

I did all the steps friend but when I start the script it is returned to the city at all times, could you help me :orange_heart:

uniq count 24 , and dont attack any mob what shoould i set , start then count then stop

Great script.
I made a few modified versions of it to launch characters from DW and Samarkand (iSRO)
Also made them skip the first unique because they are gonna kill themselves with that reflect buff it does.

The script works relatively well, they get confused if the unique isn’t in the exact spot, but c’est la vie.

great job, helped me alot, thanks!
i’ve also made this script for shipwrick fgw 1~2 stars, please implement it into your topic! :))
Shipwreck 1,2 Stars.txt (6.7 KB)

Hello @Chefkoch can u explain me how to use leave party in the script?

any plugin for use auto use entrance ticket and rejoing??