Forgotten World (FGW) Community Scripts

Make sure you have the latest installed

If you are new and you dont know how to get it :
[Plugin] xAutoDungeon

Togui village:
Togui Village Forgetten World Script.txt (7.2 KB)

Red tears
Western Scriptures
Togui mask
Red talisman
Dull kitchen knife
Spell paper
Elder staff

Flame Mountain:
Flame Mountain Forgotten World Script.txt (8.5 KB)

Fire flower
Horned cattle
Flame of oblivion
Flame paper
Hearthstone flame
Enchantress necklace
Honghaeah armor
Fire dragon sword

Shipwreck - The Green Abyss


Silver pendant
Cobalt emerald
Love letter
Portrait of a Woman
Jewelry box
Diamond watch
Mermaid’s tears

Shipwreck - The Sea of Resentment:
script_FGW_2.1_star.txt (5.7 KB)
FGW_Shipwreck_Grades3.4.txt (20.6 KB)

Broken key
Large tong
Phantom harp
Evil’s heart
Vindictive spirit’s bead
Hook hand
Commander’s patch
Sereness’s tears

Additional information
After spawning a Dimension Hole.image

copy name with weird stars letters

A timer of 5 hours will be started upon creation of the instance.
You will have 2hours boss and monsters must be killed.
Or the instance will vanish.

Credits to:
Athena & maikel from discord


just in case if u could pass your current conditions to build the same :confused:

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The bot doesn’t attack; [14:52:39] Script: Command not found [AttackArea,40]

make sure to have the plugin it requires

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hi what need make in plugins for ateck? in fgw :sweat_smile:

you need the plugin and script

Looks like it doesn’t support SRO VTC server. Is there any way to use ADMIN

Hello sir can you explain for me how to auto use Dimension Hole and go to dungeon, is it using xAutoDungeon?

GoDimensional,Dimension Hole (Shipwreck-???)

anyone of you guys tweaked the 1* version to make it work flawlessly ? for me it always missing some mobs, mostly uniques to open blocked doors

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What if the character dies, and want to enter again?
GoDimensional,Dimension Hole (…) command able to teleport in if the character dies, or want to summon it again?

It will try to enter the same one again

Hello, I want to eliminate the Ghost Curse monster in dungeon 1* and let the bot continue to work after clearing monsters in an area. What command can I use?
Screenshot 2024-03-15 120214