[Plugin] xAutoDungeon

It doesn’t detect Uniqs.

Hallo guys , i got an Problem … FGW at shipfrag … First of all when it find and start to attack an Uniq it deals only 30% to the Uniqs and then the bot start to going forward ( not even finishing to kill the uniq ) Second think is it doesn’t ignore Ghost Curse .

Any Idea ?

where can i find that application to make script?

I have all plugins add. how i need make this script where is option training are how i need put it ?? please help

i have all plugins add but how i need make now script whit add attack area? where i need find it how add please help

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I have script all good just he clean 1 -2 rooms and stop attack whit hands i kill mobs he contune boting if no he stand just area attack and do nothing, when i close phbot again login start work again please help

what version now is ? dungeon after some time my bot stop attack mobs… what i need do? whitout close phbot and again login please help

so if bot stop attack ? i need stop bot than go precious coordinate ? how idk and than i there press start bot and fixed?

Hello Guys,

When I try to auto enter for FGW 3 stars, it only tries once due to the intensity and then the bot is stopped.

What should I do for him to try until he opens the FGW stone?

What is the plugin you’re using to start diemsnion pillar on bot start?

Hi, i’m playing in VTC Server, when using your file xAutoDungeon, the command GoDimensional make my phbot client disconnect. It shows: using "Dimensional Hole (…) then disconnect client.
Please help me to solve this, thank you very much

Can i change the Countdown time Dimension hole , because on VTC server this is 3 hours not 2 and how to make its, i change in file xAutoDungeon.py form 7200 to 10800 then plugin can’t load.

hi Slaintrax, i try to do auto Togui Village with your script , but i have problem. at the same position (exp before enter take box1, and after take box1[go back]) some time it go take box1, and sometime it dont go(after attack, it go back strange).
how to solve it? pls help me, thanks.
p/s i try to using condition for using script at other time for prevent load wrong step to do in script ( instead of using 1 script, i using many small script) but it not work.

well fgw scipt should be one and if ur getting stuck u can add more areas

hello Slaintrax … is there any chance could u create a plugin or a script for the new upper and lower dungeons in I sro which opened since the latest legend ? thx

This with this plugins help u can literally do any kind of script walking mutiple locations to kill any from mobs to uniques

the point is these rooms require the use of Keys and different names of npcs

Discord: ProjectHax simple come here we can talk there with more people


hello why in HWT , plugin dont see unique monster …?

i folow the tuto for HWT