[Plugin] xAutoDungeon

i got it but have proplem with GoDimensional its freez the game


I have a problem with entering Dimension Holes with the GoDimensional.
It starts in Hotan (does the same in Samarkand)

[14:39:59] Script: Walking to 80, 11
[14:40:00] Bot stopped. Botting time [1 minute]
[14:40:00] Plugin: Using “Dimension Hole (Togui Village-★)”…
[14:40:00] Plugin: “Dimension Hole (Togui Village-★)” has been opened
[14:40:03] Plugin: Selecting dimensional hole…
[14:40:04] Plugin: Entering to dimensional hole…
[14:40:09] Bot started
[14:40:11] Script: Walking to 112, 15
[14:40:15] Script: Walking to 110.3, 20.2

In the end the Character does not enter the FGW, instead starts the townscript all over again.
Is there any solution to that?

PS: phBot (v25.7.0 testing, xAutoDungeon v1.5.5)

Hello again!
After digging through the this thread for an hour, I think I found the solution:

When running multiple bots with the same script, the bot can not handle the multiple “invisible” dimension holes and it can cause problems.
The solution is (IMHO): create different scripts with different places where the dimension hole is spawned.


Can you share the script with me?

Hello, some1 mby can hare scritp for Flame Mountain?

please i need FGW Script
any one can pass the download link


its great plugin but i got proplem with unique he skip (Giant Overlord) in bagdad Deng he not count Unique so i hope you can fix it . thanx :grinning:

Are you alive @JellyBitz ? we can’t see you on the forum anymore

i know this seems very old but yes you can make this inside your walking script at the beginning just make the bot change the profile to your desired profile name and at the end of the script change it back to what u want

do you have one for 3 and 4 ?

no dude

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can u explain this in video , cuz it’s complicated for me , or send file and tell us how to put the file with correct path file <3

It doesn’t detect Uniqs.

Hallo guys , i got an Problem … FGW at shipfrag … First of all when it find and start to attack an Uniq it deals only 30% to the Uniqs and then the bot start to going forward ( not even finishing to kill the uniq ) Second think is it doesn’t ignore Ghost Curse .

Any Idea ?

where can i find that application to make script?

I have all plugins add. how i need make this script where is option training are how i need put it ?? please help

i have all plugins add but how i need make now script whit add attack area? where i need find it how add please help

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I have script all good just he clean 1 -2 rooms and stop attack whit hands i kill mobs he contune boting if no he stand just area attack and do nothing, when i close phbot again login start work again please help