Bot logging

I just downloaded the bot but don’t know how to log in the bot, what i need to do?

Did you buy time?

i have to buy time first? then log in the bot? or create account>log in bot>then buy time?

You’re sent a login for the bot after you buy time.

this happeing now, please help

Use the testing release.

please explain me how?

help pleaase, i cant log in into game

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what do i do now? i can log in the bot but it won’t let me log into the game

Read the thread. It is explained. You must wait 15 minutes because you’re banned.

this happen when i start the game

You are IP banned. You need to wait.

omg for how long do you know? my first time playing this game

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Wait half an hour. If you try to connect too soon you’ll be blocked longer.

how do i set chaos in the bot?

Do you mean berserk?


Protection -> Monster

do i have to save all the setting? or the bot automaticly save it for me?