Gateway Connection Issues


This only applies to official iSRO/SilkroadR.

If you are having gateway connection issues like this:

[02:40:55] Connecting to the gateway server []
[02:40:56] Connection was closed by the remote host, retrying

It means you are either:

  1. Connecting too many accounts at once.
  2. Logging in too many accounts at once (maximum is 2).
  3. Disconnecting and reconnecting too frequently.

Joymax recently added something that temporarily bans your IP address if you violate the conditions I listed above. It does not have anything to do with your account, only the IP you are connecting from.

The temp bans usually do not last very long, but if you keep trying to reconnect every 30 seconds the time will be reset and you’ll be banned for longer.

To get around this:

  1. Use the queue system in the bot. It’s on the Silkroad Login tab (testing only).
  2. Use multiple gateway servers and do not violate the conditions above.
  3. Use multiple SOCKS proxies or multiple IP addresses to bypass the limits.

To reiterate: IP bans are temporary and go away if you just wait it out for 10-15 minutes.