Welcome to the new ProjectHax forum!

After 10 or more years of using vBulletin 3.8.x, it is finally time to move to a new forum. That version is no longer receiving updates and PHP 5.6 will also no longer be receiving security updates after December 31, 2018. It is an absolute necessity that I migrate to something better.

Now unfortunately I am not going to be moving user accounts since it’s too much of a hassle, and there’s so many inactive accounts that it’s not worth it.


For now phBot / CrapTrap will still be sold through the old forum until I get the new system running, so you will not need to do anything. The new payment system will utilize phbot.org and be email based instead of needing to register an account. This forum will only be for discussing Silkroad and the bot. No subscriptions will be sold through this forum.

Some info on that:

  1. No registration needed to buy the bot. Enter your email, select the subscription length, click the payment option and you’re done. The bot login details are then sent to your email address.
  2. No more separate account sharing password. You can share the normal bot login credentials since password resets are controlled through your email address.
  3. No custom username/password for the bot. It’s all randomized and when you reset your password a new random one is emailed to you. (after confirmation of course)
  4. HWID resets work the same way as before but are controlled through the email you bought a subscription with.
  5. Card system will support CrapTrap assuming resellers adopt it.
  6. Old forum subscriptions will function until you run out of time there; then you will need to use the new system.

More info will be coming later; probably at the end of the year when PHP 5.6 EOL’s.

Old Forum

Eventually the vBulletin forum will be moved to https://old.projecthax.com after this one takes over. A redirect will be added to the old payment page before that occurs.