Auto FGW but really auto.

Is there any plugin for using fgw stones ,entering fgw dungeon starting auto dungeon when FGW cooldown time is end?

Do you know about how to change training area when script is end or change in script text file by code.

Thanx a lot but when I change script correctly Bot not continue to the new script ,I should to press stop bot and start it again also I tried any way in script as stop and start again but not even work.

That same plugin has the ability to stop and start the bot… and play a sound which you requested in another post…

Btw do you know if I change the script or training area with code or condition phbot starting to do script from reverse, i mean it is starting at the bottom line.

Stop double posting….

It starts from the nearest point to where your char is

Wrong! When Using xdungeon and script command together its not contunie from nearest point ! its start from when scripts is changed by scriptcommand plugin then script set training area from last cordinate.