X arena plugin help

hello friends x arena
I’m creating a script for the plugin, but it doesn’t register, is there anyone to explain step by step or can you add a youtube video?

merhaba arkadaşlar x arena
Eklenti için script oluşturuyorum ama kayıt yapmıyor adım adım anlatacak biri var mı yada youtube videosu ekleyebilir misiniz?

Can you show the script that you have ? There are examples here.

sure i’m uploading it now

You have a spelling mistake. It’s random not rondom

so can you share how to write the correct one?

Just fix your spelling mistake, I pointed it out to you.

Thank you very much sir, I understood my mistake.
if i get error again tomorrow morning i will share it with you good night

The plugin is working. Thank you very much for the information you provided. What can I do for automatic attack in the battle arena?

Auto attack what?

So is there a way to attack enemy players in the battle arena?(auto attack)

absolutely not, you could just play the game lol