TRSRO Pluginc currently working?

I cant load any plugins on TRSRO still im seeing threads about plugins for trsro . am i only able to use the turkish translated ones ? i cant speak any turkish though :smiley: when i clock reload nothing happens

You can only use ones that are whitelisted.

none of those are loading up in my bot :frowning:

do you have python38 folder inside your plugins folder?

no. where can i get that?

cool some of them are working now. sadly donategp is not loading :frowning:

Make sure it’s a py file not a txt file.

It also doesn’t have a UI so you won’t see it in the plugins tab

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You can use Hakan Kahya’s translated versions. Almost all of them working, even donategp!

You should not forget that, if you edit any plugin it wont load on TRSRO :slight_smile: TRSro plugins must be validated by Ryan for working on TRSro server.

Here is Hakan’s translated plugin’s post