This plugin will auto donate 50 GP each time your character levels up. It requires 25.4.9 or newer for the level up event.

It has not been tested.

from phBot import *
import threading

EVENT_LEVEL_UP = 10 # data = new level

def donate():
	inject_joymax(0x7258, struct.pack('I', 50), False)

def handle_event(t, data):
	if t == EVENT_LEVEL_UP and get_locale() == 56:
		threading.Timer(2.0, donate).start()

log('[%s] Loaded' % __name__)
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I tested it twice and it doesn’t work.

Capture the packet for donating the new GP and I’ll fix it.

0x7258 opcode is correct, but for some reason when we inject it into the server, the client closes itself.

Need a AUTO DONATE GUİLD POİNTS İN TRSRO option - phBot / Suggestions - ProjectHax

this is working. check comments.

Where do you think I took the packet from?

i trigger plugin with condition.

does your plugin need condition to work ?

Is this working fine?