TRSRO battle of infiniti chars stucks to guardian stone

are you thinking to fix this bro ? since from 100 lvl came battle of infiniti… guardion stone is making trouble with the characters… they stuck arroud the guardian stone and can not attacking to mobs . fix it pls… when i enter the arena i have to watch always the chars… because they stuck at least 2-3 times for every entrance. tnx

No I can’t think to fix something that I didn’t know was broken lol, you are the first to say something about this. I don’t play TRSRO.

They are stuck trying to attack mobs or what? Are you fully updated?

I need more specifics. Videos are helpful.

TRSro Battle Of Infinity Stuck - YouTube this is the video… i couldnt finished 2 times failed now because of this stuck . pls fix it . if you can tnx

What plugin version ? I’m not sure your using the lastest one.

i dont know version. but i always check updates from manager and testing

Plugin version, it will tell you when the plugin is load.

ok now i saw. version is 1.2

Ok update lol

Make sure you check for updates before posting about bugs.

i am updating almost everyday from testing and manager. should i update plugins from somewhere else ?

It has nothing to do with the bot, update the plugin… just download it again

i updated man … and nothing changed… still the same problem

No for sure not, I added a system to get unstuck in 1.3 and it will use the range skill first so even if it’s stuck it will still attack.

Make sure you actually updated.

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