[Plugin] Battle of Infinity

Automatically completes Battle of Infinity



  1. Battle of Infinity type settings (solo or party)… automatically loaded based on your level. If selecting manually you should always do solo first

  2. Morph settings, pick whichever one you want

  3. Attack radius, I would suggest leaving this at 40

  4. The amount of party members it will wait for before registering and starting the battle. This number does not include youself. (Example. if you are doing party mode with 2 chars this setting should be set to 1)

  5. With this setting on, it will automatically change to party type and complete 2 rounds once 2 solo rounds are finsihed. If you have a different profile for party type (for accepting party invites) then you can specify that here. A different profile is not required as the plugin will automatically leave the party if trying to enter solo type. If you leave the profile section blank, the profile will not change.

  6. Return to your training area when 2 solo and 2 party rounds are complete, again you can change your profile if you have a different profile for training. If you leave the profile section blank, the profile will not change.

**You also need to make pick settings in your normal bot pick filter
**You must use testing version of the bot for this to work

How to make it automatic? …Conditions and script command

Example Conditon:
This condition should be inside your normal/training profile. You can do whatever time you want.

Inside this BOI profile you will have a training area script like the example below… it should walk to the Arena Manager NPC then insert the script command as shown below.

Script command: BOI,type,morph
Example script:


If you want it to compelte 2 solo and 2 party rounds, your script command should also be for solo. As mentioned above solo should always be completed first.

I’m not a programmer, some things may not be perfect. I’ve done a little bit of testing and it all seems to work as intended. Theres also a good chance I’ve missed something.

Change log v1.1

  • Added Config saving and loading based on your character and server. (Type and Moprh settings will not be saved as it should be used with a script command)
  • Added support for returning to training area if “change to party mode” is not selected (if you want to do solo only)
  • Fixed a possible timing error with checking for party members

Change log v1.2

  • Fixed not saving configs if you reloaded the plugin
  • Fixed a timing issue that occured occasioally with party mode
  • Added an update checker, it should now tell you if theres an update avaliable for the plugin
  • Added support for removing morph when picking starts (I’ve never had a picking issue but this might solve it for some)

Change Log v1.3

  • Added an option to terminate the bot when finished
  • Added support for confirming the training area changed to the correct pick location (hopefully this sovles any picking problems)
  • Added a little system to get you unstuck from the pilar when trying to move back to center

Change Log v1.4

  • Reduced calling on API when not necessary, this should fix the freezing issue some were experiencing.

Download: [Link] Right click > save as .py

Turkish Tutorial (Conditions for Plugin): https://youtu.be/3lDjlW4FJ3Q Thanks to MrWarlock
Turkish Tutorial (Plugin): https://youtu.be/oAHWJMsVtUw


There was a problem parsing the spawn packet, please upload Log\Error.txt to ProjectHax.comError.txt (4.8 KB)

Ignore it. It’s nothing

is it supposed to use skills the only thing it does is targeting mobs

Yes it will use the skills… I think you need to update your bot, I’ve testing it on both 25.3.5 and 25.3.7 and its working without issues.

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Dude, good work. It works great! :slight_smile:

Could it be that here meant to be “when” instead of “with” ?


I dont know if I am the only one but I dont get why would you publish a plugin like that? BOI is the only activity people are currently doing on TRSRO, which gives the most valuable items. With such a plugin another activity will die and everyone on TRSRO will have sun accs, which is somewhat weird. What is the point of playing this game if everyone will get the best items without any effort? I appreciate your work but I highly disagree with such a game changer plugin. Like the game is getting fully automatized and we are only supposed to watch the bot playing it. You might agree or disagree but I really think that we destroy the game with such kind of stuff with our own hands. xAcademy is another example…

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I agree however this is kind of the point of plugins. People get to create new features that I would not add.

My point is actually it is already an effort to create such a plugin for certain rewards. You can either go 200 times to BOI to get rewards or you can give an effort to write a plugin to automate it. I respect the skill and effort to write such a plugin to obtain rewards but publishing or selling it is just killing the game. I was going to BOI everyday with my friends to chat and play the game a bit. But now everyone will use this and RIP another activity.

You don’t have to use the script, do it by hand it you want. Stuff like this is inevitable regardless of someone making a script public or keeping it private.

I also agree with you but it’s also incredibly boring and grindy to do BOI everyday by hand. I also know there’s a few other people who have already automated BOI and only sharing that with select people giving them an advantage. Now everyone has an equal chance.

If it’s a problem it could be blocked.

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Can you tell us the skill codes, can’t we add them into the script?

No that wouldnt work.

How does the plugin work?

Read the original post please, I’ve explained all you need to know.

@DeRidder14 hi, pick settings is not working while char has mask can you check it please?
Thanks good work !

THIS IS AWESOME! Thanks for doing this, I was becoming anxious about it, and BOOM there you have it.

I have some quick questions. You said we have to do solo first in order to enter the party, what do you mean by that? IF I already did solos manually does this mean I wouldn’t be able to do with the party? And how does it work if I just start automatically for the party? Should I create a script, should I just create X person to join pt etc.? Can you open your mind to me :wink:

Still checking up the code to comprehend fully.

@berkay1720 It should I’ve tested that, make sure youve set to pick the items in the bot pick filter.

of course it will still do party, just the way the plugin is set up for daily fully automatic you should set the plugin to do solo first. If you have set “change to party mode when solo is complete” it will automatically try to enter party mode when you can no longer enter solo, even if youve done them manually.

Create a script with the script command BOI,party,A and set how many members it should wait for before entering.

Okay so I tried and it does solo perfectly in isro, to test it I just clicked start near npc. And you say I have to do a script for party. Thanks a lot!