Trace not working

pressing START
but its not working

insta disable the moment it hits start

Because you started it with manager. Stop and start it in manager a few times.

i mostly start it from the manager
now i did start it also from the manager
but it didn’t work
so i opened phbot to see whats up
& the screenshot above shows “whats up”

If you start trace with manager, also stop trace with manager and you won’t have this problem.

i closed bots & manager & reopened them all
still same

does it not trigger in town?

still not triggering even out of town

worked when added new XY
i had a location on the same map but way far mobs 120
test fail was at mobs 111 outside mirror town

anyway to set the bot to trigger trace mode when at training spot?

You cant trace near mirror town.

for trace…

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but that complicated
i did a condition:

was wandering if after that condition triggered
& the player i trace returned town
will it disable the trace condition?
or do i have to make a condition for that too?

How is it complicated? You mean youre making it complicated?

You just add StartTrace,player to the end of your script. Doesnt get any less complicated.

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i’ll re check it
was too much reading & i HATE reading…

will this plugin stay automatic
from login by manager
to dead
to return town
to back to training spot
in every situation?
or do i have to manually trigger/send command at certain points…?

It’s just a script command, it’s triggered by the script, don’t over think it

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guess this condition & the one under it works better xD


it didnt work cuz it was in mirror town range
& phbot understanding for mirror town range is like this:

the bot understanding to mirror town range reached lvl 117 mobs on the other side of the river…

i know cuz i was doing a quest around there moments ago & the bot keeps stop tracing same it did when at 111…
also same it did to me when botting at 111 with my noobs

maybe edit this issues? this was reported before…

It will not let you trace in that area. If you start the bot there it will try to do the town loop since you’re close to town. The same thing will happen at other areas.

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ya also the range set for that town is EXTREME

it reached mobs on the other side of the river…

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