tr sro oto gateway change

have a nice day. I am using ph bot, I did not buy premium, I wait in line at the entrance because the game is full of sw, but the ph bot does not wait for the automatic login, it does not wait for the queue and cannot login because it constantly tries to enter by turning off the client and changing the gateway.

I do not have such a problem. This is not the answer to my question

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I do not know what you are talking about then.

im play in trsilkroad, my server is full now i dont have premium in game , when i login the sw bot must wait maybe 2-3min but ptbot is dont waiting 30 second close client change gateway and try again, , i dont want change gateway but i can not stop phbot.

I believe this is a server issue so you’ll just have to try again. There are no issues on iSRO which also has a queue.

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the program must wait to log into the game but not waiting and change gateway


Yes, it’s a server issue.

Is there a refund? its broken…

I am telling you this is a problem with the TRSRO servers and not caused by the bot.

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It seems like each agent server is randomly going down as I can connect to that IP/port but not the one they sent to my login. There is nothing you can do but let them fix it.


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Botla alakali bir sorun yok kardeşim sorun sende