[Tool] xSROMap

The easy way to explore the Silkroad Online world map. :earth_americas:


  • Navigate through towns, areas, and other popular locations
  • Search filter by locations or NPC’s
  • Search by coordinates (both supported: PosX,PosY or X,Y,Z,Region)
  • Teleport actions with NPC’s included
  • Show coordinates by click
  • Zoom levels
  • Script editor (Create, Export, Import working even with bots)
  • Works on mobile devices

Are you looking for a DEMO?

Find it on Github : https://github.com/JellyBitz/xSROMap

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Made with :blue_heart: … Pull if you want! :male_detective:


Noticed one thing. The Jangan teleporter should be left of the potion merchant and not in the center.

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nice job :+1:

Very good!

Haha right, won’t be the first npc in a wrong location probably :thinking:
I mean, the amount of NPC & Teleports is huge! :sweat_smile:

@tete1990 @ahmetberkay It’s something required since Rev6 stopped working! happy that you like it! Also the map it’s just part of a little project :male_detective:

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This tool is great for find training area
It would be better if we could zoom-out and if we could create script

There were script creators once, web based and as program.

Silkroad Bot Script Creator


SRO-DB Bot ScriptMaker

Agbot Script Maker

Stealthex Script Creator

I wanted to use its but couldn’t find one that works
maybe you can do a useful one will work forever :slightly_smiling_face:


I wonder whats that project :slight_smile:

About zoom can be tricky about new coords and I don’t like the part about generating new images, also unnecessary having a search!
Paths, polygons, circles, editing… it’s possible using Leaflet plugins like this.

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Added a little shape/script creator, I think it’s a bit useless with path finder :sleepy:

What’s wrong with all these script creators? :thinking:


Many of above are not accessible and map not updated
It would be easy to draw a path through a map without waiting for character walking
Even so your work (Script toolbar :+1:) best for now, after phbot script creator

Puedes hacer que el creador de scrip que tiene lo haga para phbot.
can you make this program to make phbotscrip

Well done! This will be used alot ! :wink:

Great Job. Hope to see more Public Open Source Projects!

I have an idea if you choose to accept :slight_smile:
You may add the phbot scripts support to it.
I want to upload a script to tool and see the path, edit and redownload if necessary.

Loading script it’s really required, I think about that but the GUI needs to growth or maybe jquery solve it. I keep it simple just using javascript by copying shapes to clipboard…

Text editors this days are amazing handling things like scripts, still better keeping it generic for an easy edition.

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I’ll be slowly relaunching this project as xSROMap ( at the same time works as image host :face_with_hand_over_mouth: )

For now you can use it for auto walk coordinates (match perfect) just take a look!


You’re amazing! :heart:

And gets better, check it out! :male_detective:


Will you implement the same tools you had for your old SRO map? To make walk scripts? Even though we have autowalk. I’d rather walk to Roc Mt. through Hotan (since the majority of the private servers are cap 80, 90 with Samarakand disabled or cap 100 with samarakand enabled and Lvl. 100 mobs there). And autowalk doesn’t do that.

This could be very useful on phBot.
Can these options be added