[Tool] xSROMap

@Ryan I know i’ve asked this before, but can it be a thing? Pretty please.

Doesn’t work like that without modifying the sever that creates your paths.

U realize u can make ur own walking path(script) 2mins to have walk script for ever

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If its a normal script then yes, if its a autowalk script then no. Care to explain?

its a normal script just have to record and walk to the place u want


at this point its just lazines at its finest to make ur own walking paths…

Added script editor.

Not exactly to create walkscripts but you can take another script, Import, do some stuffs and Export, it’s much safer. Creating identical walkscripts is a bit more complex since specific server data it’s required.

Working as expected! :face_with_hand_over_mouth:
Perfect to visualize or modify walking paths from Script Pack or any other.

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does silkroad run on mobile xD?

this dont exist anymore? cant find the donwload link

It’s a new and much better project.

So, yes.

But if you see something weird/wrong/not working, comment here or just open an issue there and I’ll check it out.

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thats awesome :smiley:

Are we able to download an offline version of this? <3

How do I extract the script? on Phbot ?
When using get this script
// Polyline - Distance:2418
// Circle - Radius:28
// Region:-32750,X:10125,Y:-5557.5,Z:0
// Circle - Radius:36
// Region:-32750,X:9450,Y:-5557.5,Z:0
// Circle - Radius:27
// Region:-32750,X:8771.25,Y:-5557.5,Z:0

It walks smoothly, but does not attack monsters

Is there any error?