today I share with you some piece of software that is able to redirect incomming vSro connections to open phBot instances.
For example you can open a phBot inside a virtual machine and start the client on your main pc.

All you have to do is setup Gateway.txt and Agent.txt with your network settings (Your local network IP) and check your windows firewall doesn’t block the connection. Then run the tool and redirect your gameclient with edxLoader to your virtual machine.

A little demonstration video:

Maybe I’ll do a little tutorial video in the future if its required.

Lastly I want to say that you maybe experience some issues using this method of connecting. For example the party does not get refreshed properly if you disconnect and connect again.
This is not the fault of phBot, its because we are using the phBot in a way it was not designed to.

Small Guide
  1. Install PhBot and the silkroad gameclient on a second PC / VM + RemoteBotConnector

  2. Open cmd, type “ipconfig”(On your secondPC) and search for your local NetworkIP

  3. Edit the config files

  4. StartUp RemoteBotConnector(as Administrator) and phBot.
    Run handle.exe once and accept the License.
    phBot has to be in a state where you could push Launch to start the Client, but dont do it.

  5. Check your firewall that Port 20008 + 20009 does not get blocked

  6. Open edxLoader on your mainPC. Add the same server and redirect the Gateway to your second PC

  7. Push Launch on edxLoader and login normally.

GitHub Link:


Hello, what is using this methods benefits to me? (Maybe unlimited hwid or ip limit?)

I’m using it for botting in HWID protected servers on a windows VPS. I can’t start a client there, because VM’s are forbidden and it should work to avoid some restrictions some servers got when detect phBot is running.

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If all clients are running on your computer, the same computer… how this it’s even considered HWID?
Sounds like a pretty bad HWID generator.

It can be used to get you in game then you can bot clientless afterwards, or if they are detecting the bot in someway this could get around that since it won’t be running on the host.

@JellyBitz No, I’m using it for botting overnight.(I use a online vserver) I dont want my pc running all day. Some servers need a HWID send by a .DLL attatched to sro_client.exe and protected to not run on virtual machines.
I’m not breaking any HWID limits with this tool, I’m just relocating the bot and redirecting the client :smiley:

Is there a possiblity make this process more automatic? When you use this, what happens if char disconnected?

Yeah thats the downside, you cant reconnect on a server that got a HWID. No you cant because If you could you wouldn’t need that tool xD because you can run phBot with reconnect on your main PC

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adam zaten maxiguard svsinde video çekmiş kanka şunun türkçesini yakup bi bana mesaj olarak çevirebilirmisn la tam anlayadım goodle cok kotu cevırıyo

server in video uses maxiguard


You can not bypass pc limit with this. Maybe ip limit there is no server using only ip limit anymore. The only thing you can bypass with this is virtual machine block. And the only scenerio is you have a windows vps and you dont want yoı stay open your home pc at nights. Use this and close home pc: low electric prices.

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Or for breaking some restrictions. I finally got Lvl 95 on Ruby to test this:

First I tryed phBot running on my machine and second on a remote machine:


Nice :smiley:

Yeah that one too :slight_smile: i forgot it :smiley:


Ruby and Cobalt Online Phbot I use and exceed (pc limit bypass)

you can reach by message

@Delirus Can I carry desktop information from my own laptops

can you make a tutorial video

oh god…