Job Wear - Disconnects

Hello, in Ruby Online
It i wear Trader and another job wear, it is disconnects directly. How can we bypass this?

Multiple computers.

No, their ga said:

"u cant even wear trader job suit

if phbot is running on pc"

Rename the EXE and change the title of the bot.

Changed exe name,
Changed title name
that solution not working its giving error when i try to put trader suit: Please close phbot and try again and directly disconnects.

@Ryan can we figure this?

Same happens here, tried to change exe name, title name in the phBot.ini file, didn’t work.
Any solutions?

Hey @Ryan

I tried ResEdit, Resource Hacker and etc applications for delete details on .exe but it gives me error.

We need your help.

I think if we can delete those descriptions, it wont give dc.

Yes @Ryan we desperately need ur help :frowning: :weary:

Even 1 phbot opened and i log in another bot, i still cant wear trader equipment.

They did everything to prevent cheating :frowning:

Perhaps you should accept That on some Servers are bots Not allowed :rofl:

I think we can find a solution. If he can send me clean phbot.exe it will work :d

  1. Put the bot in a VM with the client.
  2. Select the private server but do not launch the client.
  3. Use TCPView or Process Explorer to get the port the bot is listening on.
  4. Go back to the host and use edxLoader to launch the client to the bot port inside the VM.

Man this is awesome.

Use this as it sends localhost and not your network IP.

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i’ll try, btw can u send me the clean phbot.exe as i show u? and name changed in hast manager? i think they taking info’s from task manager(phbot.exe or if phbot … )

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