[Python] set_profile()

I tried to change the Profile through Python with

But when i looked under “Auto Configure” the Profile didn´t changed
It seems i need just the Profile name. I found nothing about Full Path in the gitbook.
Can someone tell me whats my mistake?

Bot Version: 21.7.3

It does the same thing as the script profile command. Does that also not work?

I didn‘t tried that.
Is just the Name enough without extension?

Yes. profile,name.

I will try it tomorrow and let you know

I made an Test now.
With script profile,name it works

But not with Python
Any Idea?

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Found the problem. The set_profile function was not accepting arguments. It’ll work in the next version.

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Thank you

[07:53:09] Script: Walking to 21433, 4318
[07:53:11] Script: Changing profile to [Default]
[07:53:14] Returning to town due to user request
[07:53:14] Script: Waiting 35 seconds before continuing the script
[07:53:51] Script: Finished

Profile not changed after this. Whats wrong?

I’m pretty sure it was changed but it didn’t change from “default” in the UI where you are looking.

Nope. Setting did not changed and bot keep returning town until no more scrolls left because it could not found the right script

I tried it out after it was fixed with python and it worked

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its definitely not working in script. uppp

I made an Test now with Version 21.7.9 and it works


Does your profile already exist? It should if you want it to switch.

i am trying to switch Default profile. THE DEFAULT one. maybe it can not find because of actually default profile has no name in the file itself ?

The Default Profile is Just Default
You have to press “new” and give them a name like “PLVL”, “Taxi” or whatever
Then make your settings.
Chang back to Default Profile and than run your script with “profile, PLVL” for example

i want to switch my profile from XXX to default. not you have wrote.

Its the same way if the Default Profile exists already

profile, Default

have you tried it and is it working ?