[Python] set_profile()


No space otherwise it won’t load.


Okay i found the problem


The Problem is the Path.
For Profile the Path is Servername + Playername + Profile

But the Default Profil is Servername + Playername
There is the “+ Profile” Part Missing
Thats the Reason why you can´t change back


Make an Profile with the same Settings as the Default and name it like Default2 and change between XXX and Default2


@Verya understood the problem but i think you did not. when i try to switch Default, it can not find it because its not writing in the settings file.


You have to create it before

Post a Screenshot of your Profile List in Bot and one of your config folder.


What? When you specify default it doesn’t add anything to the config name.


@Ryan shortly; the problem is = set_profile(‘Default’) or profile,Default not working. other profiles have no problem now. only the default one buggy.