Problems with start bot

when i start bot i get instant dc i dont know why!

Can’t help you without knowing the server.

i play puresro, im using stable phbot

Use testing with this plugin and see if it works:

how can i use it ?

hi ryan i copyed that file into a py file then i pasted that into the main plugins folder, my p`hbot says error python, bro i dont know why this happening but im wasting my time… i need some help, could u help me ?

Use testing.

also doesnt working with testing

You sure you have plugins installed?

100% sure, do u want to share my computer?

Not really. Did you try clientless?

bro i just need to log in, and then i cant, idk why, yesterday it was working but i could bot

If you read the thread I said it bypasses the HWID limit. Login clientless then go client.

@Ryan My Problem ???

im playing puresro, already i fixed it!!!