Navifilter.dll not found or corrupted

@Ryan you can fix it?

Yes easy just download new bot in version Stable, you can keep your manager and configs

i dont know how i can make work this one -.-

have discord BROW?


@pery Slypth#1778

I’ll add support for it in the bot but for now you can use this plugin.

from phBot import *
import struct
import hashlib
import os

def handle_silkroad(opcode, data):
	if opcode == 0x8961:
		return False
	return True

def handle_joymax(opcode, data):
	if opcode == 0x2001 and get_gateway() == '':
		l = struct.unpack('H', data[:2])[0]
		server = struct.unpack_from(str(l) + 's', data[2:])[0]
		if server == b'GatewayServer':
			packet = b''
			packet += struct.pack('H', 32)
			packet += hashlib.md5(os.urandom(64)).hexdigest().encode('ascii')
			inject_joymax(0x8961, packet, False)
	return True

how i will use this?

Put it in your plugin folder.

i don’t have this folder. -.-

You need to install plugins.

ok, now i have the folder inside the PhBot testing.

/python34 and DLLs or Lib

Main folder.

oke, i’m going to paste the text on main folder by a txt?

Into a py file.

Ok, i’m paste the text in to a main Plugin folder by a Plugin.txt renamed to .py

And now? what i have to do?

Open the bot. That’s it.

I will open manager too, right?

Thanks @Ryan now manager can open all accs and PhBot testing work again!

Use at your own risk. This bypasses the HWID by sending random junk every time.

What do you mean?