Navifilter.dll not found or corrupted

When i’m try to loggin in Phbot i have this message, but i can logg without Phbot.

Last client version - last bor version.

What happens?


i have same problem serve name = []
you can fix this ?<3

Why block packet which send hwid?

Ryan i have fix it.

Hi, how you fix it?


Use Phbot Stable no Testing

i have to install again all and configure?, manager can’t loggin too so… idk what i have to do

@Ryan you can fix it?

Yes easy just download new bot in version Stable, you can keep your manager and configs

i dont know how i can make work this one -.-

have discord BROW?


@pery Slypth#1778

I’ll add support for it in the bot but for now you can use this plugin.

from phBot import *
import struct
import hashlib
import os

def handle_silkroad(opcode, data):
	if opcode == 0x8961:
		return False
	return True

def handle_joymax(opcode, data):
	if opcode == 0x2001 and get_gateway() == '':
		l = struct.unpack('H', data[:2])[0]
		server = struct.unpack_from(str(l) + 's', data[2:])[0]
		if server == b'GatewayServer':
			packet = b''
			packet += struct.pack('H', 32)
			packet += hashlib.md5(os.urandom(64)).hexdigest().encode('ascii')
			inject_joymax(0x8961, packet, False)
	return True

how i will use this?

Put it in your plugin folder.

i don’t have this folder. -.-

You need to install plugins.

ok, now i have the folder inside the PhBot testing.

/python34 and DLLs or Lib

Main folder.