[Plugin] xAutoDungeon

It’s informing you that it’s finished killing the mobs and it’s trying to get back to the last point in the script, so it’ll continue with the script normally.
Maybe it could have gotten stuck.


when there is a path used twice or more and I set it to attack the mobs there sometimes it skips to the last part of the script that used that part, anyone know the solution to this problem?


Is it possible to update this plugin?

For when changing Profile in phbot, Plugin changes too.

  1. Example 1:
    Profile for HWT, automatically the Plugin ENABLES the checked options it has been configured.

  2. Example 2:
    When placed in another profile for FGW, the plugin automatically disables the checked options as configured for that desired profile.

@JellyBitz @Ryan @Chefkoch @DeRidder14

Guys, we all know here that we have problems in the plugin for the character to collect the items after killing the uniques, right?

I found the solution, easy and practical. Within the settings of the Plugin “xAutoDungeon”, it has a time location

(WAIT_DROPS_DELAY_MAX = 10 # seconds)

, it is 10, put 60

(WAIT_DROPS_DELAY_MAX = 60 # seconds)

and save the file over the same open file.
After that, go to Phbot(program)>Plugin>Reload.
Ready! Now you can collect your most peaceful items.
With me it’s working normally now.
Collect all items quietly.

For the char not to attack the normal mobs, of course it needs to select to ignore everything, except the unique.
Otherwise, go easy.

PS; Too bad they don’t pay attention to what I say on posts and suggestions I speak.


I created a script for Holy Water Temple (Begginer).

It was very good, with the settings above, everything is perfect.

Follow the link below.


its because the plugin is public and u can edit like u just did it idk why u complaining if the one who made this plugin would have to modify each time for different server that’s would be what 500 plugins
you did not contribute to this plugins developers there fore u don’t have the right to complain about its functionality it

Oh my friend, I’m not complaining about the plugin!
I’m complaining about the posts I make and suggestions I give to phbot and its improvements.
Stop problematizing the comment I made!

It costs nothing to want to help and comment something to improve the bot that everyone uses.

About editing that everyone can do and the Plugin is public, we all know, we are not dumb.
So stop commenting on things you don’t know or try to know more than others.

So it is difficult to even make posts or comments on the forum having a person like that “detonating” everything that the other says.

u did comment on this plugin post so thats why i said it

no, He is not stuck

[12:43:38] Plugin: “Dimension Hole(Shipwreck-★)” cannot be found at your inventory

[15:49:34] Script: Walking to 3552, 2053

[15:49:36] Script: Command not found [“GoDimension Hole(Shipwreck-★)(Lvl120-130)”]

[15:49:42] Python Error: teleport() takes 0 positional arguments but 1 was given

[15:49:52] phBot was unable to get the object ID of the teleporter [3552, 2053]

[15:49:52] Please create a post telling us the name of the NPC that you are trying to teleport with

and the destination

Can u send ur command

Hello guys, I have a question plz, are there any pluging to count mobs killed?

xAutoDungeon can solve my question?

Tnx a lot!!

I guess baghdat dungeon is impossible to make? Can somebody confirm, before i lose my mind? All other dungeons like HWTa and fgw work like a charm.

is there any way to make bot auto-activate the FGW hole by it self and join it then bot start

@JellyBitz is there anyway to make phbot open fgw pilliar alone?

Hi brother! can ı ask u something about temple ? how can ı run one pt automatically in Temple ? is this possible or not ? can u help me about this issue? ^^ thanks brother ^^

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it its impossible unless some one finds a solution for the gates

is the any guide how record script ?

read the post :man_facepalming: