[Plugin] xAutoDungeon

why don’t all bots respond the same?

some start, some not, all have the same setting

@JellyBitz @Ryan

didn’t work (you load the wrong script town ) i mean Baghdad dungeon this one

does not work after the last update @Ryan @JellyBitz

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@Ryan @JellyBitz
me too the same
tryed make new script
it worked once then not working , gust go around on training place and not attacking
in aog reading mobs

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So guys, It’s happening to everybody, I’ve sent jelly a msg but still not got an answers yet

Think It’s just a simple updated need since I saw no big changes on the main system of the bot, can’t help cuz I know nothing about coding…

but keep on the work with motivating those who can actually create a true working mechanism

and wait a bit, jelly just need a break time and a coffee tea.

doing my work over here to learn and sharing knowledged,

i’m working on a youtube video showing how to best configure and set ur bot, also I’ll be sharing the scripts as soon as they are clean of errors.

these are the one i’m using atm, working nicely

HWT ADVANCED 2x.txt (5.6 KB) HWT ADVANCED 5x.txt (14.0 KB) HWT ADVANCED.txt (2.8 KB) HWT MEDIUM 2x.txt (5.5 KB) HWT MEDIUM 5x.txt (13.7 KB) HWT MEDIUM.txt (2.7 KB)HWT LV 1 5X.txt (13.3 KB)

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could you give me your script

it works guys


this is the error, "autodugeon failed to load

its not working with me i have the same problem

u have this error but it’s working
only problem can’t save options on autodangoen plugin
if restart bot, setting will be reset

Check what plugin version u use… It don’t show any version on your plugin loadings

sameone said to delete cofig file related to the plugin called autodungeon.json
and install plugin again, solved it :slight_smile:

After new update it doesn’t attack, any help? tried deleting and installing plugin but didn’t work.

Update your bot.

I have a question, on the server I play there is no cooldown for FGW. and the dimension item is purchasable at a NPC. I have configured my bot to purchase the item, but is there a way to automatically use the dimension item and teleport to FGW? The rest of my script works fine when I’m already in FGW.


First of all good job on the plugin, Jelly o/

My question is, did anybody find a solution around picking dropped items (Arena Coins to be specific)? And no increasing checking monsters around period doesn’t work, it’s random because it counts all the time not after mobs die. Also, adding “wait” command doesn’t help since the bot stands there doing nothing. Only 2 ways might work so far are either buying a pickup pet (won’t always work as well) or change the mobs discovery checkup time to a very long time but that will make the run unnecessarily long.

Thanks and Br

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Im not sure but I realized that in the AttackArea after the radius you have to put some time for the the to scan example:
AttackArea,150,20 where “20” is the scan area after killing the unique. If Im wrong, excuse me pls.

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I use 1s-2s, It’s a scam time, if it take too long there is a “lag” issue.