[Plugin] xArena

how to join ctf

go to the first post and read it, it explains how you can join CTF

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I could not notice it because I translated it into Turkish
thank you @thykvn

@JellyBitz hello is there way to after register in arena score and enter attack monster ? i see other guys do it in server i play but i dont know how

hello, I add the plugin to the plugin folder, but when I open the bot program, I can’t see it in the plugins section. Is there anyone who can help with this issue?

merhaba eklentiyi eklenti klasörüne ekliyorum fakat bot programını açtığımda eklentiler bölümünde göremiyorum bu konu hakkında yardım edecek birisi var mı ?

That’s not a problem, there’s no UI for this plugin as it is entirely script based. So you will not see it in a tab.

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Thank you for the answer. so can you give some information about how to do it i don’t have the slightest idea about it

what’s the command for the ctf, event so ok

Arena plugin is doesn’t work. İt is always give ‘’you are not the required level to enter!’’ Pls fix it… I can’t arena for 3 days…

I want help please It doesn’t work for me I did tell the steps I’m trying to get the bot to register on its own in the Arena Jop but no use please help

how make code ctf i dont make , i know arena
but dont work arena,random,ctf

What about TRSro whitelist ?

hi @Ryan

can you add this plugin(xArena) to whitelist for trsro?


How can I disable antiAFK? continues to move after the arena. I need to close Phbot completely


You have to wait until the Match is over. The Plugin will disable it