[Plugin] xAcademy

Hi. I have a request. Can we delete the characters that are open and change plugin to close bot? Thanks.

guys how to set the xMatchlocker right for academy chars
all the answers and question where need to fill in ?

Hello, I’m having a problem with the xAcademy plugin, it doesn’t create characters after the v21.0.1 update, can you help?


Hi guys i got a problem with xacademy is anyone know how to fix it ? im using windows 10

Bu hatayı daha önce almamıştım çözümünü bilen var mı? windows 10 kullanıyorum

I’m getting this error code. How can I handle it? Windows 10 and python 38 have already been up to date.

Hello, can someone help me with this issue about the plugin?!
when bot finish 1st char lv40 it relog and check for next vailed name then it find available one and create successfully BUT the problem it check again for available name then it stopped !!
bot need to close and open again (it happen by manager) to continue
and that happen after every char reach lv 40
check for available name > find one and create > check for name again> bot stopped!! and needs relog again

image @JellyBitz

just write the name no numbers
ex. if you added “Kat”, it will accept Kat1 Kat2 Kat3 …


Is there a possible way to get the notification in phbot log to appear in manager

for example i can see that the manager has a log for stating accounts status so if there a possibility to get a log shows such a message “Plugin: Not enough space to create a new character!” as same as this one shows on manager "[18/03/2023][07:29:33] [1- Main/5- S] Starting