[Plugin] SROMC v0.9.8 Mobile App (Android & iOS)

SROMC - phBot Plugin

SROMC carries all the necessary data about your character to your mobile phone. You can also use simple bot functions.


  • Multiple character management
  • General character status, current position on the map, active skills.
  • Party, guild, union, private, global messages. Instant messaging
  • Instant taxi status if you are taxiing.
  • Easily view character inventory, storage, guild storage and picker pet items
  • View members of academy
  • Party and taxi information. Party leave function
  • Guild and Union information. View online members.
  • Easily track your quests.
  • View your pets.
  • Quickly send commands to phBot.
    • Start/stop bot
    • Adjust training area size
    • Adjust the training area position
    • Trace/untrace player
    • Move to the desired location
    • Quickly use Reverse Scroll (last death location, last used location and nearby party member)
    • Set custom script and start/stop
    • Send global messages
    • Disconnect game
  • Everything in one file. It doesn’t need any extra library.

App Images


Step [1]

Download SROMC plugin file from Github.

Download Android App or Download iOS App from store.


Step [2]

Copy the plugin file (SROMCv0-9-3.py) to the folder specified below.

C:\Users\{YOUR_USER_NAME}\AppData\Local\Programs\phBot Testing\Plugins

Step [3]

In the phBot app, go to the “Plugins” section and the “Reload” button.

Step [4]

Switch to the tab named SROMC. Click the “Create Character” button. This will create a simple account for your character on the server.

Step [5]

"Character ID" and “Password” will appear on the screen. Enter this information on the “Add Character” screen in the mobile app (iOS or Android).

That’s all

Now your character will be paired with the mobile application.

Mobile App Hits

Map: If you hold down on a certain point on the map, your character will move to that point. The white circle on the map indicates the size of the training area radius.

Messages: To send someone a private message, just click on it. You can edit the player name to which the message will go, by clicking on it.

Actions: Allow 3-5 seconds for a command you sent to reflect in the game. To teleport to a party member, you need to be at a party. The “Disconnect game” command requires an extra confirmation. When you use this command, if your “Manager” settings have been made, the character will re-enter the game in 2-3 minutes.


  • If you are having trouble retrieving character data, use “Reset and Stop” in the plugin screen. This will change the character password and token information again. In this case, you don’t need to match your character again.
  • If your character does not send data to the server for 5 minutes; There will be “No connection” information in the mobile application. In this case, you may not see the character information in the mobile application.
  • Each character can be matched with only one mobile app account.
  • Message data is cleared each time the character enters the game.
  • Create an issue for the problems and issues you are experiencing. You can also create an issue for the new features you want.
  • Always download the latest version of the plugin from Github (GitHub - ilkerccom/sromc-plugin: Silkroad Mobile Center Plugin for phBot). Also get the mobile apps from the store. We never share “.apk” style app installer files.
  • Please keep it in mind; sensitive data such as character login information is never sent to the server. Do not share the files created by the plugin, “Char ID”, “Char Pass” and “Token” information with anyone.


The plugin and the mobile application are completely free. It also contains no ads. If you like it, you can support the project with a donation.

Donate with Bitcoin (BTC)


The android version of the app has been removed from the store.

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Android version has been under review for 3 days. I hope it will be released today or tomorrow.

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Hello. First of all, thank you for such a wonderful app. I’m having problems with seeing my chinese character in the iOS app; every european char works fine. When I click the chinese one, the screen of my phone goes all black. The only solution is to restart the app. This happens every time I try to check the chinese one. Any suggestions?

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Hi @Xpro1378, can you send the character name as a private message so I can check?


u can add time to level also :stuck_out_tongue:

and also myb notification for rare drop or something like that.

atm gj and gl man.

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Maybe in next updates. :slight_smile:

First of all congratz! Applicaiton looks great but why don’t you use websocket instead of slow APIs.

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sro mc just dc me now rom game…

Thanks. I used the Python language for the first time. That’s why I didn’t want to deal with WebSocket too much. However, I may experience it later.

Sorry to hear that. Can you explain the problem a little more?

I just tested the plugin but when I enter Char ID and password then I click add button its returning me to homepage and nothing happens.

I just tested the plugin but when I enter Char ID and password then I click add button its returning me to homepage and nothing happens.

Pull down to refresh content. I took note to fix this issue in the next update.

Still doesn’t work.

Still doesn’t work.

Can you provide me your “Char Name” as private message? I will check it.

yea… i just get DC like command from ur app…
3 times disconect

Isn’t it a problem that it asks for a username and password?? How do we know that one day our czar will not be stolen or robbed?


Never use your character login information to login to this app. Make it something completely unrelated to your char…

The application or plug-in never asks for a username and password. Each account information is generated automatically and randomly.

Note: I can not see the image.

Which command you used? What is your game version (iSRO, vSRO or another)? I’ll check it.