[Plugin] SROMC v0.9.8 Mobile App (Android & iOS)

i don’t use command :smiley: i try make alchemy on pc and ur app dc me all the time :smiley:
tsro here

Hello to all,

I just made a new update for SROMC plugin. I highly recommend downloading the new version. Download SROMCv0-9-4.py from Github. Why?

  • As you know, the plugin sends large data (character data, inventory, party and others) about every 2-3 seconds. This can directly affect both the our server and your internet connection.

  • Now, sending big data is set to be sent only when you open the mobile application and click on the relevant character detail. When the mobile application is kept open, the data will be updated in 2-3 seconds.

  • 30 seconds after closing the app, the plugin will just forward the bot status to the server.


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Hello, an update available for mobile apps;

  • Resolves a black screen issue when displaying certain characters.
  • Resolves the problem of some items not appearing in the inventory.
  • Resolves the problem of not appearing when a new character is added.
  • Fixes problem of going to wrong group when sending PM
  • Server stats available now
  • Added extra confirmation when sending global message. You can now see the remaining global tickets count.
  • Added nearby pickable items to “General” page.
  • Added the number of dropped items and the number of dropped sox items.


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available for IOS ?
where from ?

SROMC available for iOS and Android. You can find download links from my first post.

the character not appear in app after i add it

There was a bug for creating a charater. I updated plugin to (0.9.5). Please download latest version from github.

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good !! now is working ! thanks !

Super app, think about notifications

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Thank you!!!

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plugin starts to disconect me after 1-2 week of using it


After 1-2 weeks since the plugin was installed? How many times have you had the same problem? Can you give some information?


Yeserday was the first time When i had the disc problem. It happened 3 times, 5 min After i logon, i delete the plugin and now works fine

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Thank you for feedback. If anyone else has the same issue, I’ll look into the issue.

I have a message sending loop error, it keeps sending messages when I’m not doing anything, just stops when I log out on my phone

Hi, sorry for replying so late.

A single command is sent to the game for each action. If it is pressed repeatedly, more than one command will be sent. In case of a bug, you can share your phone operating system version and phone model.


Hi, ı cant reach ios app now. Could you please tell me is it still available on appstore

Apple subscription expired. I have now renewed. You can download it from the App Store.

I received a notification that there was a problem displaying character information. I fixed the errors. No app update is required for this issue.


Hi in new TRSro WhiteList your plusgin also added but not working ? Can u check it?

Could you please let me know if there is an error you have received?