[Plugin] sNtfy

ntfy is a service that allows you to send/receive notifications from all supported platforms.

It allows you to receive events as notifications.

ntfy.sh client(phone/browser)
Download plugin (Save as)

Credit: JellyDix plugin source

I’ll whitelist it.

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Hi, when i reload plugins, i received this error

[22:20:03] Plugin: sNtfy.py has failed to load
[22:20:03] Python Error: name ‘isConnected’ is used prior to global declaration

how can solve this?

Sorry I wasn’t online for a while. I will release an update for this bug.

I published the update, and if you encounter any new problems, you can reach out again to fix them.

hi, unfortunately it doesn’t work.

[23:45:03] Plugin: sNtfy.py has failed to load

[23:45:03] Python Error: No module named ‘requests’

requests isnt a standard library, i would recommend avoiding it so its easier for people to use this plugin.

how can i install this

you’re right, I’ll change that.

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When can you do it?

I’m suffering from a severe flu. I’ve just updated, I’m waiting for your feedback.

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You can use xPluginUpdater to get updates.

is it working ?

whats wrong ?
thanks in advance.

I think the plugin is not in the whitelist right now, it is not added when I reinstall.

I think the plugin is broken somehow
@SN4DY please could u check it please ?

The plugin has been whitelisted again, but I think there are some issues that need to be resolved.

The plugins doesnt connect to NTFY server

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I whitelisted the latest version the other day.

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@SN4DY I think you uploaded the wrong file, version 0.0.3 update has been released but I didn’t see any change in the plugin

and in the 90th and 61st line "_y = 10 " needs to be added otherwise the entire list does not appear in the bot

before Screenshot by Lightshot und after Screenshot by Lightshot