Phbot isro

Phbot not work isro ? Or i cant work it. Laucher and client working not hve bot and client with phbot not working

It does work. Sometimes the client doesn’t start due to something they broke. Are you sure you’re not temporarily IP banned for reconnecting too often?

Yes im sure i do not banned because i dont play international sro long time.

İ dont have craptrap. May be this problem ?

It is not required. If you are using the client it does not matter.

İ will send you screenshots tomorrow Can u help me ? As far as i remember says remote host problem

its one problem phbot open later start client later

You got IP ban. Make sure on Manager “start 2 accounts at once” tick on it. Otherwise you will get an IP ban. Never try to login more than 2 characters at the same time.

Thanks ive done.

Thanks for help.İ 've done it. İ can change Gateway adress.

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