Phbot error server login error

23 days left for iSRO / SilkroadR / vSRO / cSRO SilkroadR
[21:22:19] Data upload status: 100%
[21:22:33] gateway server connection [ 15779]
[21:22:34] Connected
[21:23:36] Auto Reconnect: Disconnected before reaching the login screen
[21:23:36] Automatic Trial: Trial process started
[21:23:38] gateway server connection [ 15779]
[21: 23:40] Connected

Remove your plugins. It looks like whatever plugin this is is causing you to disconnect.

Automatic Trial: Trial process started

I’m new my brother Phbotta could you show it as a picture please?

Are you painting what did I need to bro?

Can you show it as a picture? What should I do?

Please show me in the picture I’m about to go crazy, it always gives an error ?

Would you show it with a picture?

Can you answer, tell me the solution?

I get a disconnected error in every plug-in. You couldn’t tell the solution.

Ryan ???

delete plugins file on bot

Can you show it as a picture please brother?

Can you show it as a picture please brother ?

brother which one would you show the plugin file?

knk nalet olsun bot klasorune gir plugins klasörünü sil komple

For example I deleted guinea same mistake knka

It gives the same error I deleted it made me crazy

Buddy gives the same error. I deleted it. Why don’t you answer? You write 1 time. You don’t answer?

Press this and show me whats inside that folder.

no folder directing me to the site?