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Hey @Ryan have a good day Have you new Plugin for Battle Arena ? can it work ?

hello search function and found this
arena plugin
or this one
arena plugin

good luck =)

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I was looking to forum and suffering from the a situation. Ok we have some plug in codes but we don’t know how we can use them ?

For instance, In some of plugs we need stay in town but what we should do ? Should we create a script or will we just stay afk like doing nothing ? How we need to create script from beginnig of teleportation point or start script near the arena manager ?

When we posting some of plug ins (thanks to creators cause I don’t even a language) Can you please inform about instructions.

I hope I could be clear thanks…

I think the subject has already been processed

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All you do is argue in your script when in front of the NPC. It registers for the current active arena type.
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i think u need use in the tab returne and specifi return every xx time ( when the battel arena start )

or u can try to mak script add the npc battle arena and use this function return at xx:xx every day ( specifi the time when batell registration start )

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Should we change town script for it ?

better if you mak ur own script same as your training area i think *

Anyway I have some of junk chars. I want to register them to arena. They don’t need to go training area.

Which steps should I do ?

u can edit town script for this char but dont use on same town with ur other char who go to the training area =)

( idk if u can select batlle arena registration on edit script ) i will try let me 5 mn for see =)

i just try no we cant add on script or you need ask to the exper =) so the only solution is add the plugin then use the revers timer

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Did it work? Where to add the “arena” command indicated by the administrator? I write it just like that? to the script?

of the testing release, Python 3.4 plugin support has been added. Plugins allow you to extend the bot with Python by sending packets or starting/stopping the bot.

Any .py file you place in the ‘Plugins’ directory will be loaded at runtime. This requires you to also have the Python 3.4 ‘Lib’ folder inside ‘Plugins\python34’. It is included in the download below.

An example Python script has been included to give you a list of available functions. You should not call any functions that return a lot of data (eg. ‘get_inventory’) very frequently otherwise it will increase the CPU usage significantly.

just copy past the script on new doc called ( for example ) then add it on " plugins " on your directory


There should it be loaded already? what I have to do is use teleport every so often in “return” and he will go through the “arena manager” and register?

now u need be on town at the momen when batlle arena register time started or setup it on the tab retunr and that all i think =)

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Thanks for your kind help, I’ll try.

arena plugin is running arena time And you need to be in front of the arena manager . right ?
if I want to come from the contraction area. i can use conditions for return every xx time ( when the battle arena start )
if (Time == 09:30) { Return to town; }
if (Time == 09:31&& In town) { Change script (c:/…/arena_script.txt);}
if (Time == 09:45&& In town) { Change script (c:/…/farming_slot.txt);}

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u just need be in town i think somme one will corecte me if im wrong ( i dont use this plugin )
and i think yea u can use condition look on condition thread it may help you better than me :slight_smile:

maybe u can found what you need :slight_smile:

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That’s not going to work because 1 minute will not have passed after using a return scroll. You should combine them instead.

  • Change script → return to town
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Can u share the script? :smiley:

i dont use script for arena now.
because i found a better then method.
Arena plugin is running arena time and you just need to be in the town.

Set the hours according to your server.

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thanks for sharing, bro.

Can you tell me how brother did this?