PC Limit

How can I exceed the PC Limit in the server I play … protected by maxiguard.dll

I would be grateful if you have any suggestions or help if I want to overcome the limit. Thx

you exceed the trade block, now its time to bypass pc limit ? :smiley: is it prime online again ?

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Use xPacketTool and try to figure out :

  1. How is his packet hwid structure ( 0x1337 at some servers fyi )
  2. What really means? It’s encrypted? ( probably )

With some MAC changer (at real time obviously) could be work … At the moment I just save and load this packet when is required.

Yes, the limit is overdue :slight_smile: Can you help with this ?

I used the xpackettool… What should I look out for now. I don’t know much about this stuff. I play server ExSRO. Can you fill in the necessary information and share ? new xpackettool… Please :slight_smile:

Are you sure it’s a hardware limit and not an IP limit?

from the exsro presentation.

Pc Limit 4
Job Pc Limit 1

I don’t see a DLL so it might be based on IP as well.

exsro is protected by maxiguard.dll

The action you are attempting to do is denied for security. If it is a mistake, please let us know. I’m having such a warning error in the game :slight_smile:

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how many chars can you login ?

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might be its hardware limit:face_with_raised_eyebrow:

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Pc Limit 4
Job Pc Limit 1

I would like to enter more characters in the job, my computer is available, as I said, it gives a limit error, and I think we can’t get through it…

@Ryan @JellyBitz iam playing sever have trade limit can I Exceeding this limit??