Network error, retrying :(

everything was great until one time, after being disconnected, the bot reconnected and i noticed the queue doesn’t move in silkroad, so i thought it’s weird, i closed bot and opened again when i started it told me that there is another login from another pc but the messaged disappeared and when i wanted to launch it told me you want to launch or to start on 192.16… (my pc ip) and when i confirmed, it kept saying network error since that, i restarted pc, disconnected the internet but it doesn’t go away i did wait a day maybe it will be fixed by then as i saw “Ryan” say silkroad sometimes ban people who join twice or something, but after a day, the problem still exists, please help Q_Q

sorry for the long speech xD

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yea, that’s what i found xD, but… what should i do then?, wait more?, or this is the end or what? XD

Just wait a few hours then try again. If that doesn’t work you’ll need to change your IP.

that was yesterday so i guess it doesn’t work, but… change ip?, u mean… vpn and so?

Btw, if i opened silkroad manually, it works without any problem… do they target ban the bot usage somehow ? xD

No it’s just because you’re reconnecting too often. You could use a VPN or change the MAC on your router to force your ISP to give you a new IP.

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is there a way to freeze phbot’s remaining time till i fix the problem? :smiley:


:confused: :worried: :weary: :tired_face:

u got 5~6h ip block
for connecting more than 2chars at once
or reconnecting multiple time in short TIME…

there was the same problem. fixed it by adding the root of the game and bot folders to the antivirus exceptions

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