Kervan Sorusu [NF] Silkroad

When we start to shoot the caravan, the game says, E bass will ask you a question. After pressing E, any installed party player selects one and gives the name as he or she wants the party no.

@Ryan @NFSBloody @Romain05


I translated the language into English.
Thank you.

There is no Plugin for this.
You have to build your own Plugin

All API´s for the bot your will find here:

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Could you please help me sample one for plugins
unfortunately I do not have much experience to create :frowning:

Sorry i can´t read your language but google helps.
It´s to hard without an API becauce you have to parse every game packet.

You have to ask @Ryan for an API extension

An API for Party Matching

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I would be very glad if the same game that Ryan had solved the previous question can only help the question system has changed. @Ryan
@Ryan @Verya help :frowning:

need help about that