Language Rules

I’ve noticed quite a lot of posts in different languages recently and personally I only speak English. It has become difficult for others that do not speak it to get help or find threads about issues that have already been resolved.

From now on I would like to see either English only or at least translated text posted in the same thread. You can either type it out yourself if your English is good enough, or you can do what I do and use Google translate.

Please translate your posts to English so more people can understand.
Lütfen yayınlarınızı İngilizceye çevirin, böylece daha fazla insan anlayabilir.
يرجى ترجمة مشاركاتك إلى الإنجليزية حتى يتمكن المزيد من الناس من فهمها.
Por favor, traduce tus publicaciones al inglés para que más personas puedan entender.
Bitte übersetzen Sie Ihre Beiträge ins Englische, damit mehr Menschen verstehen können.
Traduisez vos messages en anglais afin que davantage de personnes puissent comprendre.


Just a reminder to the new users that your post will be rejected if it not in English or does not contain an English translation. I cannot help you if it is not in English.