HWT Problem

i have crated full script from hotan to alex south to hwt and everything worked fine
but i did use a [Plugin] xAutoDungeon
something went wrong …

thats the script

and the log:

xAutoDungeon setting was set
Unique ( Checked Only )
and the rest kept empty

can i know where is the issue ?

@Ryan @JellyBitz @kardamot @ahmetberkay

looks like the UNIQUE type is wrong. Well, I have no way to confirm mob types anyways, so I can’t fix it at the moment.

We have not yet found a solution for this. :man_shrugging:

Can’t we just get over this problem with the mob name? I mean, it’s just the mob we want to target.

I wish :smiley:
tried many different way the bot just always facing an issue specially at the second unique
when u move from first unqiue going to right (( to lazy to search for the name :stuck_out_tongue: )