Help ryan

ben satmaya hiç birşey ayarlamadım 500 hp 500 mp alsın tm ama return scroll ve drug typon almıyor parasıyla almıyor ben town kısmından işaretlemelerimi yaptım sağlıklı bir şekilde.

I have set up nothing to sell 500 hp 500 MP get TM, but I’m not getting money from the return scroll and drug Typon with me in a healthy way I did my markings section of town.

70 level üstümüsün altımısın.?

Didn’t I explain this? It will sell the token HP/MP potions automatically so it can buy a free full stack from the NPC. It does not sell your other token items. Just potions that are free.

İ’M 70 LVL top

He probly used google translete and all translation is wrong. i know turkish ill ask his problem.

no, I sold all the free items on my own I removed the free mark, but still go to the part of free HP MP and the other city does not receive the materials I mark the contraction area

you wil receive the free hp mp until u get 71 lvl

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he dont know how to change townscript. he wants to buy return and drug with gamegold but he didnt change his _R town script

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