Help pls

[00:23:59] Login: Secondary passcode has been entered successfully

[00:23:59] Login: Please accept the privacy policy in game before you login

[00:23:59] Accepting new privacy policy
and i use this plugin

from phBot import *

def handle_joymax(opcode, data):
if opcode == 0xA117 and data == b’\x04\x01\x02’:
log(‘Accepting new privacy policy’)
inject_joymax(0x6118, b’\x01’, True)
return True

log(’[%s] Loaded’ % name)

can anyone help me ???

If it doesn’t work, login with the client and do it manually.

you have to login joymax if its not work. and accept over joymax same thing happened to me

I had the same issue (GDPR/GamePlayAgree) you have to log into the website and agree there.

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