Since this is likely just a silkroad problem I am throwing this in the general Silkroad forum.

I am unable to get this setting set permanently on two characters. I am also unable to get past the agreement in phBot (even with the gdpr script/testing my own opcodes/data)

I can login just fine outside of phbot (still have to agree each time).

Does anyone have any tips/suggestions? If the setting is local does anyone know if/where the policy acceptance for accounts is stored?

I’m stupid lol. For anyone else that finds themselves with this issue…

You can accept it on their website…

They are separate agreements. How were you able to login by only accepting the GDPR one over and over? lol

You are likely right. Being american I don’t think the GDPR agreement actually pops up for me. And looking at this agreement it definitely has nothing to do with GDPR just game/operation policy

Edit: But after agreeing on the website I am no longer having issues soAIzriBC

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